1. Aldi Süd sind gefühlt die einzigen in München die es schaffen ihre Waren ordnungsgemäß auszuzeichnen, so dass die Kasse mit den Etiketten übereinstimmen. Die anderen genannten Probleme sind für mich ebenfalls bisher deutschlandweit nicht nachvollziehbar.

  2. Was bedeutet das für Leute die nicht wissen wie sie zur Arbeit kommen sollen? Was ist meine Pflicht als Arbeitnehmer?

  3. On that note, what is Apple doing these days? Siri’s capability is straight up embarrassing.

  4. What app do you annotate in, on the iPad?

  5. Both. When you tap annotate on macOS, it’ll show it on your iPad and sync up. That’s what I usually use, but I’ve tried opening in too, which has the issue less frequently, especially with more annotations and larger files.

  6. Are you using Markup to annotate the PDF?

  7. Right, got it open on Mac while annotating on iPad. Seen similar issues when directly opening a file on iPad from but less frequently.

  8. Hast du keine Angst, dass sich ein Autofahrer provoziert fühlt und dein Rad beschädigt? Bei meinem Supermarkt wurden einst die Fahrradständer entfernt, damit der Bäcker da Tische und Stühle hinstellen kann. Ich habe dann auch auf einem Autoparkplatz geparkt, weil auf dem schmalen Bürgersteig zwischen Parkplatz und Supermarkt kein Kinderwagen vorbeigepasst hätte. Das harmloseste war noch, dass mir jemand seinen alten Strafzettel auf den Gepäckträger geklemmt hat. Ansonsten kam alles vor von umschmeißen, über wegtragen bis wegtragen und ins Gebüsch scheißen. So etwa jedes zweite Mal. Es war nicht so weit, ich bin dann irgendwann zu Fuß hingegangen.

  9. Zum Wegtragen und ins Gebüsch schmeißen: Macht der Radlladenbesitzer um die Ecke regelmäßig provokant mit E-Scootern die in seinem Sichtfeld sind. Bis ich das gesehen habe, hab ich mich immer über Jugendliche aufgeregt, die die von Brücken schmeißen. Jetzt weiß ich: Die Älteren sind auch nicht besser. Gefällt mir nicht, ist nicht meins, muss kaputt machen.

  10. How did you fill it? They can be difficult. You should be able to feel the liquid sloshing around.

  11. Got a can and there’s a little opening at the bottom of the burner which you can press down onto the spout of the can. Anything else I should be aware of?

  12. You should be able to feel liquid sloshing in the lighter. They way I have to fill mine is to put the lighter in the freezer to cool it down, just the lighter not the butane can. Then fill it in spurts. Press the can to the lighter and hold for a couple seconds. Remove can then repeat a few times

  13. I think you are right and the gas didn’t actually go inside. Will try what you suggested.

  14. Ich weiß. Ich sag ja nicht, dass es keine Alternativen gibt. Ich mochte nur deren Ausführung besonders gern

  15. Ist schon länger her, aber ich hatte das Gefühl, es schmeckt dicker?

  16. Mh, ich benutze das eher fürs Aroma als für die Konsistenz. Weiß nicht wofür du es verwendest, aber fürs Mouthfeel gibts bestimmt bessere Alternativen?

  17. Thank you for your reply. Maybe it's just Munich this happens, but the woman who pushed in today did is so casually that I thought it might be an 'unwritten rule' of checkout queuing - and that asking to go in front was just a mere formality with the answer of 'yes' just being a given.

  18. I have the opposite experience. I’ve only been offered to skip ahead in Munich once or twice, up north it’s pretty standard.

  19. Google each thing I listed and you can get it done in less than 30 minutes.

  20. I’d be interested in how many people rated them (5 stars given by one person vs 4.9 stars given by 350 people). You might also track previous suggestions so they don’t repeat showing.

  21. Das erste Beratungsgespräch darf nach § 34 Abs. 1 RVG maximal 190 € netto kosten. Du kannst dich ja umsehen, was das in deiner Umgebung kostet.

  22. Erstberatungen kann man allerdings auch als Anfrage online für weniger als die Hälfte bekommen.

  23. Living in cologne i very much enjoy the navigation as it doesn’t lead me over big roads-it’s mostly bike lanes and quieter areas.

  24. None but I could test it later this month- got a burned food right now from an kitchen accident~

  25. Nice place to visit for a week, but in terms of living I prefer Tokyo/Seoul/Kuala Lumpur/Taipei

  26. Lived in Singapore for 2 years and it was okay, been Dubai now for 1 and it's better in some ways but clearly worse in others...overall averages out I think. Different shit, same shit hole.

  27. Radwege sind doch geräumt oder? Zumindest hier (Münchner Gegend) Sind die geräumt und gestreut

  28. Not like there’s no option (YouTube premium). Investor money doesn’t come for free, even when you’re Google.

  29. I mean just look at larger African woman. If they aren’t full of life, I wouldn’t know who is.

  30. Got it , i thought it may have another way to do this

  31. For apps, I’m not aware of anything else and it wouldn’t likely be worth the effort. I could imagine that there’s some sort of ai at this point that you might feed the screenshots and it can reproduce elements more or less decently. Maybe you can even do something directly on a jailbraked device. App code isn’t normally readable the way that websites are.

  32. Skip Jodd Fairs, cramped and crowded with tourists, expensive. Head to talad rot fai srinakarin for a good modern market, and Talad Phlu market for authentic old style market.

  33. Could you explain how “modern” differs from “authentic old style”?

  34. I would just say the truth if you feel like that’s what they need; that’s pretty valuable. It can even be a boilerplate-ish message if you want. The ball is in their court to take it or not.

  35. While they are no doubt predatory, I’ve seen them work for plenty of people as a stepping stone.

  36. Sure. I totally agree they can be a solution for some. But the representation advertised of it working for anyone and everyone equally is false.

  37. I agree that a lot of them are misleading people. Unfortunately, that’s the case with most businesses. Create an ideal storyline based on one or two cases and ignore the reality for the larger majority.

  38. I hadn't seen this in my short research before, it's good but a lot of the items don't have 'eco scores' and it looks like it uses user contribution for the info on products. This app would ideally have verified information on as many products as possible that are stocked in the top supermarket retailers in your given country. Although it is a cool app and I have downloaded it and will be using it for it's 'nutri-score' feature.

  39. Right. They started out with the nutriscore, the ecoscore was added recently. There are different ways verification is happening but of course it’s not flawless.

  40. Product designer and UX designer are essentially two different names for the same job these days. At my work I can pick if I want my title to be UX designer or product designer. The title I choose doesn’t change my job.

  41. Depends on who you gonna ask and at what company I’d say. Product design can be more strategic as opposed to tactical.

  42. I have a unique perspective here because I actually come from a business background and now a designer.

  43. Couldn’t have put it better. This has also been my experience but would love to hear everyone’s perspective on this.

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