1. I realised as I was writing this that this is probably going to be a pretty unpopular comment on reddit, but I want to talk about it anyway.

  2. So I guess she wasn't acting when she played Summer on Make It Or Break It, she really is that insufferable in real life.

  3. Jodie responded to jojo's post showing support for her. They may be on the outs but idk

  4. I think those years are too close to be realistic. Probably what you need is some generational shift. The youngest boomers are still in their late 50s and it could take 10 or more years for the existing crop of Florida conservatives to die out and be replaced.

  5. Feels he got dealt a terrible card in life, wanted to inflict as much pain as possible on other people to get revenge on life

  6. Boo freaking hoo. That's no excuse to take innocent children. Edit:Sorry replied to the wrong comment.

  7. I'm sorry to bother you but can we get an update to make sure you got threw it?

  8. Well, here's the real question: is it better to face 110mph winds for a short period of time or 70-80mph winds for prolonged periods?

  9. I’ve seen you posting here quite a bit so I can tell this has you worried. And if memory serves, one of your posts mentioned you were also dealing with COVID so that doesn’t help matters. It sounds like you’ve done everything you can to prepare yourself and your family despite being sick. Give yourself credit and some grace. What happens with the weather is beyond your control. My advice is to only check reliable sources for the weather like the national hurricane center. And honestly, I’d give social media a break right now. The last thing you need is trolls feeding into your anxiety. Get rest, maybe watch some movies you enjoy to get your mind off of everything. Be safe.

  10. If you're in Orlando, it's probably going to be very strong wind, a ton of rain, power and/or internet outage, and scattered tornadoes. It's possible it pulls an Elsa but not likely at this point.

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