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  1. If there's an industry that could use unionization (among the many) ... it's CGI/3D work.

  2. 100%. agree w/ everything you said except that young people may not be “spineless” but just trying to survive or get an edge up in a vicious industry. all these things should be addressed, but to blame those at the bottom isn’t exactly fair

  3. Pay rates should have established standards that businesses should not have the right to go below.

  4. 100% agree. just had a discussion w/ a fellow artist about this. the increased subjectivity in art often seems to make companies devalue it—it’s not viewed as easily “standardized” or measurable “economic productivity” wise as let’s say engineering or nursing etc. though the amount of effort and thought (and impact/role it plays in the career field—like how an artist’s role in a production is also crucial) may be equivalent. companies can’t be trusted to create or keep adequate pay standards due to this view imo.

  5. i’ve had this happen and it’s usually one of three things—either it’s getting claustrophobic(the roots are healthy but need more space to expand, this is solved via repotting into a larger pot), it doesn’t agree w/ the amount of sunlight or the temperature it’s in (either too much or too little sunlight, too hot or too cold), or, there’s some kind of bug infestation (there are several kinds of

  6. Not existing, according to my sister. She thinks the Earth is only 8 thousand years old.

  7. idk maybe just existing? i don’t think there would be much thought or agency in deciding actions more than basic survival instincts

  8. this haha it’s so fucking dumb. and when you present credible, peer-reviewed sources countering they just discredit it if it doesn’t line up w/ their book—it’s like they wanna “debate” but only as an opportunity to try and reinforce their confirmation bias. utter waste of time.

  9. lmao exactly. it’s such circular logic ultimately. and they moralize the belief in their book so that suddenly your argument isn’t credible because you’re “bad” for not accepting their slanted “reality” as evidence. it takes so much mental gymnastics

  10. anthony jeselnik—thoughts and prayers & fire in the maternity ward are top stand up bits. his humor is a little dark but also very brilliant. russel peters: notorious is pretty good. ricky gervais: humanity and james acaster: repertoire are also ones i’d recommend. sorry couldn’t choose a top 1 but these are all v funny imo

  11. skydived. got over my fear of public speaking. learned how to surf. climbed a mountain. traveled to morocco, peru, tibet, and new zealand (at least). finally finished getting my pilots license. fuck i hope i don’t die tomorrow.

  12. The reason it is so good is he wrote it after his sister died and had an extension to work on it so he had more time to think about what he wanted for it and then we got the gem that is the pas de deux

  13. that makes so much sense—the most brilliant compositions, masterpieces are often born of the depths of grief. the context of his

  14. Vivaldi's work should be more famous rather than Four Seasons.

  15. love this. everything about it—from your use of metaphor and visceral descriptions to the push and pull of your internal dialogue/what feels like a flow of consciousness. great poem! and super relatable.

  16. I love the extended metaphor of games - very clever! I’m assuming that this poem is about cheating in a relationship, and if it is, I like how you’ve alluded to it but not stated it too obviously. I also like how you’ve taken common sayings and altered them in a very satisfying way. And you’ve accomplished all this with a rhyme 👏! Really well done, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece!

  17. thank you! yeah, i wanted to imply that w/o being so overt because love poems or heartbreak poems can feel a bit cheesy, cliché, and overdone. i wanted to use only poker references/idioms but i threw in a couple others as well. glad the main point made sense and that you enjoyed it!

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