1. Bit weird, they don't claim Z87.1+ rating, but their steel ball test greatly exceeds that of Z87.1+. I'm a bit skittish on this, I would recommend contacting them directly and asking about their Z87.1+ status

  2. The ones I’m looking at have the ansi rating stamped on the side but j guess that doesn’t really mean much without hearing it from a rep directly so I probably should just contact them

  3. I think you misunderstand slightly, Z87.1 and Z87.1+ are different. Z87.1+ is a high velocity / high mass impact proof test. It's what we prefer for airsoft because it's a lot more survivable. The Gatorz might be pending Z87.1+ approval, which is why I suggested asking them

  4. I can’t get any tap actions to work on watchy, everything is red and doesn’t perform the actions; am I doing something wrong or is this not supported yet?

  5. To be fair? I used to watch exclusively one CBS All access which then merged into p+ so…yeah I’ll continue watching the same way I always have lol

  6. I’m leaning towards clear because I like that they’re different. Everyone and their mother goes for the smoked housing look these days

  7. The last video I saw it was just the trunk replacement, but on the tail light brackets that are on the body there’s some trimming involved but doesn’t look to major.

  8. I’ll look it up but off the top of your head do you know if the trunk is a straight swap or if some fabrication is needed?

  9. I picked up my 09 and drove for several hours. Was a very fun first day. Have fun, be responsible.

  10. It’s a sedan, I personally prefer sedans in general…plus wife wouldn’t have any of the coupe business lol…going as soon as the dealer opens in the morning

  11. Lol, Just remembered theyre featured in all their glory on my last post. I wanted red wings but i was kinda in the same boat as you and didnt want to dish out the cash

  12. Had to be nosey and check out that post lol, very nice looking boots! What brand do you smoke? I quit back in 2019 but Marlboro was my go to

  13. Your a madman, quit and still able to watch peaky blinders. I usually go for canadian classics

  14. Yeah it was a challenge at first but I don’t even crave cigarettes anymore funny enough; woke up one day and just decided I was done. October 11, 2019

  15. Glad to know it’s not just me - I haven’t even made the jump into thread yet because I keep hearing stories like these. Even reviewers were mentioning how “occasionally you’ll lose the thread connection” and i just can’t put my support behind it yet. I like the theory behind it and the “promise” it brings; but I won’t be one of those “I’ll wait for ‘x product’ to have thread”

  16. Arthur 3:16 says I just cut your ass

  17. I get that it’s not a huge ask, but it’s another complexity. My landlord mixed up his smart bulbs because he’s on android and I had to fetch the codes from the trash and painstakingly figure out which code corresponded to which bulb, just so I could use Apple Home.

  18. To be fair it also prevents you from maybe adding someone else’s device to your network unintentionally - I will admit that it can be a pain but at that point it’s kind of user issue; I’ve never discarded a HomeKit code without making sure I have a way to still access it; and still I keep almost all HomeKit codes I get (if they aren’t on the device themselves) just incase. My first thought when I added my first device was “better keep this code in case I ever need it again” so I guess I never really factored in what it would be like to have to retrieve a code from the trash

  19. Only prevents you from adding someone else’s device if they have just set it up and haven’t paired it and you’re in the pair new device menu at the same time and you’re close enough to that device.

  20. Or you can just pair it when you plug it in; I mean you’re physically interacting with the device when you put it where ever it’s going…and most likely you have your phone on you or near you…just scan the code after it’s hooked up to power and then you don’t have to worry about that. Most devices that I’m seeing have the HK code printed on themselves nowadays anyway (from what I’ve seen) and I’d you’re talking about a build for instance where you maybe can’t access the side of the accessory after it’s plugged in; chances are the code is somewhere on a card that came in the packaging which is in and of itself easy to just scan after you’ve plugged in the bulb. It takes literal seconds to scan a code; I’ve never seen this as an issue…if anything it’s just another security measure, weather you deem it a minor one or not it’s still a security measure preventing anyone without physical access from doing anything with the accessory

  21. Thread uses the same underlying hardware as Zigbee so, theoretically anything Zigbee could become dual protocol... Thread or Zigbee. However, often the protocol is implemented in the chip itself, so it depend son the chip installed in the hardware.

  22. I wasn’t aware of the similarities with Zigbee and Thread, thank you for informing me! I thought that threat was just essentially an interconnected Bluetooth network (for lack of better explanation)

  23. Almost all my devices are WiFi, but I have a robust network infrastructure. I have a few Bluetooth devices that I would gladly replace with Thread options if they were available. I have one Eve contact sensor (with Thread) and one Eve energy (which I admit I bought to be able to survey the Thread network). More will come with time. I actually purchased the Thead contact sensor and moved it to a place where I wanted less latency and moved the old one to a new location where response time was less of an issue.

  24. I don’t know if I’m just lucky so far or what, but I’ve have no latency issues with any of my accessories. The only accessory that ever gave me a hard time was my LIFX strip which would keep showing “no response” and need to be reset at least once a week. Once I moved it, it hasn’t done that since and it’s been close to (if not already) a year since that.

  25. I believe in most formal game settings it’s generally “What you see is what you get” or WYSIWYG. This is for simplicity and universal understanding that no matter who looks at a model they can tell what it’s load out or setup is and you don’t need to have a million people memorize what YOU decided your model is set up as at that point in time. Sure in a friendly game you can just use whatever, there are people who don’t even play with proper models. But in a more formal setting it’s usually WYSIWYG

  26. Okay good to know, thank you. It sounds like it might be worth it to magnetize some of the larger models then switch things out if I need to down the line, but maybe some of the smaller models the expectation is to have more than you typically need with different load-outs.

  27. Absolutely worth magnetizing larger models, give yourself the ability to swap out without having to buy multi of the same larger model, plus it’s easier to find out what load out works for you without needing to build potentially 2 or 3 of the same model and eventually only use one over and over. The smaller models I feel can be worth it but not a huge priority because you usually end up needing multiple kits anyway and then you can fool around with load outs there. Plus it’s always fun to build and paint your staple units so you can use it as an excuse to buy more models and grow your army

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