1. I don't know. You have Nekomaru and the Ultimate Yakuza. I'd feel pretty safe

  2. She used to be one of my favourite characters but after Tenrou her entire character just devolved to being nothing but a Gray simp who is incapable of doing anything herself without him being involved.

  3. - Possibly could had killed him. The guy is like 2 or 3 decades older than Makarov.

  4. Yea. Trying to learn evolution methods while avoiding what they look like was a pain to search on Serebi

  5. Not sure what the hell happened but these last 3 chapters have put the momentum back into the series. First La Brava, then Gentle and Nagant and finally getting Shigaraki reclaiming his body have really brought back the hype. Now just need to kill off AFO at this point

  6. Which was stated to be the side effect of the 5th Gens Dragon Force. Hence why it's forbidden

  7. I guess Hagoromo? Well I don't recall the manga saying if he had it at birth or unlocked later in life

  8. The anime and manga scaling in Super has always been different. Goku didn't even have SSB Kaio Ken against Hit

  9. Edgeshot is stitching up his heart using his body. It's as ridiculous as it sounds

  10. Number Six from Vigilantes. Like even among Vigilantes fans I feel he's super under appreciated and one of the best villains in the franchise. Probably use more Vigilantes characters as examples but Six is easily the most underrated. He's evil Izuku done right

  11. Well you've seen the post so no point hiding it but basically God Serena was brought back through alchemy which has recently been introduced into the series

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