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  1. I wish I had more constructive feedback, but I am far from a musician. I do really like your voice and playing style, though.

  2. Your lyrics are kinda random but they fit for some reason lol and you have killer guitar playing skills! I’m new to all this so I’m not sure how to give constructive criticism but I’d love to hear more of your guitar work

  3. Yeah I just made the lyrics up on the spot 😂 I'm glad you still likes them though. In regards to my guitar playing - thank you! That's kind of my main thing is being a guitarist and then a songwriter second but I still enjoy it all anyway

  4. Wow, this started auto Playing in the background and I had to come see who it was. Great song and lyrics my friend

  5. Holy shit today you just blew me away! Tone ✅ vibes ✅ pipes ✅ playing ✅ unreal! Any social links ??

  6. Sure! Check me out on Instagram. I dropped the YouTube link in the comments! Thanks my friend

  7. How long were you learning that? Awesome!

  8. It only took me about 20 minutes that day. This was my first one. Wouldn't say I learned it tho. This trick is such a struggle everytime I try it 😅 mostly because it takes so much energy

  9. That probably felt so good to land. You can even see the effort that goes into balancing that 5-0. Well done homie!🤙🏼

  10. I've done tricks that tooke so long to land that I blacked out and have no memory except for rolling away. This time the memory is so clear and the coolest feeling trick I've ever landed. Riding a 360 flip into a 5-0 like that was just a..crazy feeling. Thank you

  11. Thank you. Melody is such a subjective thing. I don't really know when I've found a good one so it's great to hear that

  12. This song has a lot of potential. In my opinion it could be .ade a lot better if you focused on delivering the vocals with more emotional impact. Highs and lows. Listen to have your favorite artist sings. They do it from the heart. You're almost there!

  13. I really like your lyrics, they are very descriptive and really paint a picture ! 😊

  14. I absolutely adore the sound of the reverb on your voice. How did you record this?

  15. Here in the PNW, there's 3 in town. I see two driving and one parked all the time.

  16. That was effing awesome! Somebody get this man a full band and some dang gigs!

  17. Yo guys and gals. My latest track is here and I'd be eternally grateful for your feedback. I call it "Peach Tree Lane" and I think it's dream pop as far as genre goes. Check it out

  18. Looks like your link is broken!

  19. This was a great analysis! Thank you. I noticed on proper speakers it sounded more warm, but the moment I listened back on my cell phone it sounded very bright. I think a lot of that might be the delays that are set to accentuate the highs too much

  20. For Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix fans you're sure to like the space out pop psychedelic nature of this song. I'm very proud of it! Let me know what you think. Thank you

  21. love the vibe on this, i like the harmony choice. it's always nice to hear some colorful notes, it really sets it appart from a lot of other tracks out there. the solo at the end was sick too. subbed to u

  22. Thanks for the sub. I listen to a few of your songs and the personality is all yours. I can see that you're bringing bro. It's paying off! Subbed

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