1. Rotisserie chicken, Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes from the store

  2. Didn’t realize the car lock thing was another symptom, always finding out new stuff about myself. But yes many sound like ocd.

  3. My main is cafe themed and my side is plushies. Also have a “love” gallery aka all the things I love and also keep retired items and gifts there.

  4. Circular table with lamp or key dish depending on where it is, art on main wall maybe a small plant in a corner

  5. There’s some incorrect information here. For instance general Tso’s chicken was invented in the 1950s. (There is an excellent documentary about the dish). Tiramisu was invented in the 1800s. Etc. It seems like whoever made this chart did lazy “research“. It’s easy to find people claiming to have invented various dishes but takes an extra 30 seconds to dig a little bit deeper in the Google results.

  6. Exactly what I was going to say! As soon as I saw tiramisu I was like yeah nope.

  7. His lawyer filed court documents claiming his client identifies as "non-binary". Let's be clear here, the accused has not in fact come out and said "I"m non-binary" nor has been there been anyone who knew him before the killing who said "Oh yeah, we've been calling them "them" for a couple of years now." It looks like a move to neuter the hate crime enhancement which otherwise seems like an easy assumption given how much his family hates gay people.

  8. Honestly my theory is that he is non binary and being exposed to his dads raging homophobia pushed him to the crime. Classic psychology to “prove” he isn’t maybe to his dad or himself.

  9. TIPS is an acronym. To Insure Prompt/Proper. Whether tips are common or not I amm 100% certen that is you tired the right amout your order would have been handled much sooner.

  10. I would just take the hinges off, give it a sand and stain and look! amazing piece

  11. I was SO obsessed with Poogles but was so clueless it was impossible for me to get one since they were limited edition 😭

  12. Are we the same person? Literally same I was obsessed with poogles but had no idea how to get one and my favorite game was and still is ice cream machine! Haha

  13. Woodland blobikins! Perfect for the greenhouse and so dang cute.

  14. I only have 1 but just had to say Wynter is gorgeous!

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