1. Also not trying to argue against your opinion I’m just curious why you personally wanted to slap him up

  2. The voice acting and dialogue in that part was excellent, he became so unlikeable without just being annoying

  3. I think you just need to explore more to open up the area a bit more. If I remember, there’s a gate on the left side of where you are that needs to be opened before you can cross to the other side from where I think you are (tough to tell without pictures lol)

  4. There’s a boat before you get to the berserker that you use to get to the grave

  5. When I get to the circle room there’s just shit blocking the middle where the stone is and I can’t jump across to anything

  6. I think Ragnarok should’ve been the last game of God of War. I don’t see where they take the story

  7. I don’t know Halo too well but Spartans generally seem to be casual bullet timers, superhumanly fast and around large building-city block level

  8. I’ve heard star-galaxy level scaling for Sephiroth and even multiversal. He stomps everyone unless you want to wank the Great Ones “having higher knowledge” or whatever to 4D, where that multiversal Sephiroth might have an actual fight with them.

  9. I’d give it to Boros quite easily. He seems more experienced, he’s apparently stupidly stronger than Geryuganshoop who can throw shit at near light speed and CSRC should one shot anything from Naruto except MAYBE Isshiki and possibly Shibai but we don’t know anything about his strength

  10. Greek Gods have like multi continental-low moon scaling so he gets stomped by all the ones on top

  11. He was still saying crazy shit back then. Like how if they wrote the bible today he would be one of the apostles.

  12. Simon from Gurren Lagann? Hope and bravery are exactly what give him power

  13. i really want to see the red chakra weapons again, but thatd probably defeat the purpose of him using the sword.

  14. Imagine how cold it would be if he was dual wielding Sasuke’s sword and Momoshiki’s red staff thing

  15. I love Lambert and Eskel. Drunk Lambert is the best. Especially in Papa Vesemirs hat.

  16. I mean he did kill Rui who was a 12K, I’d say maybe the new stseason but definitely in the last 2 secs which would be season 4 or 5

  17. Asuma literally dies to the weakest Akatsuki member. Darui would get stomped honestly, maybe not vs Hidan though.

  18. WA Kakashi beats OM Obito, so does 8G Guy, Asuma only loses to Kisame, Itachi, Pain and Obito, Darui solos based on Boruto scaling, Sakura solos

  19. Not DMS, surely. And Boruto era Kakashi is arguable, because he’s stronger than when he had MS.

  20. Current Sakura has scaling that makes her nearly as fast as Naruto and Sasuke before their nerf in the Isshiki arc

  21. Killer B is one of the best characters in anime!

  22. Him not letting anything break him his whole life is pretty admirable lmao

  23. Hmm if this was the Sakura we saw in the 3rd movie w a little bit of tsunades training w super punches and more genjutsu then it would def be an interesting fight vs chunin exam shikamaru

  24. I think the concept is that Momoshiki isn’t as serious about his “craft” I guess and fucks around which is why his fighting style is so chaotic and raw power based

  25. In my opinion Root A wasn't that bad, I liked it the first time I watched it, but I changed my opinion after reading the manga, so I'd say that it's decent as its own thing.

  26. I 100% agree with that first point, and there are a couple things that I think they did better, like the fights and Amon’s relationship with Akira

  27. Not sure if this is directly related, but I find it hard to enjoy characters like Tomioka from Demon Slayer, Itachi from Naruto, Zeus and the other Greek gods from GoW etc because people wank them so much even though I really like them as characters. As in saying Giyu is the 3rd strongest Hashira, Itachi > Hashirama I’ve heard, and that the Norse gods in GoW are weaker when they just simply scale way higher. It makes it hard to focus on how good they are as characters when they have fans constantly talking shit about how they scale

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