1. YTA - Dealing with your brothers finances is ZILCH compared to day-to-day caregiving for someone, let alone two, people with dementia. For you to belllyache that he didn't help your husband move one of your husband's parents is just beyond the pale, esp when you talk about being financially well off. You could have hired movers.

  2. I perhaps should clarify. He was not a live in caregiver. As I said, when my parents began deteriorating, we moved them into assisted living. My brother just remained in the same town, and then visited them a few times a week. I still took care of most of their financial and insurance matters.

  3. I ask because, only last night i dreamt I was being proposed to. It was a truly emotional, moving proposal. which brought be to tears, and though you're not supposed to feel things in dreams, I genuinely felt the tears streaming down my cheeks. The catch of the dream was, I did not recognize who was proposing to me, even though he knew all about me. That was when I knew it was a dream. I woke up shortly thereafter. I've never had a serious relationship in my life (longest one lasted two months), and I've begun to make my peace with the fact that I'll never marry. Which is fine, as it isn't the definition of a happy life. It's just difficult when you want it, which I do.

  4. For Me, The Umbrella's of Cherbourg. Few scenes are as moving as that scene at the gas station.

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