1. Agreed. However, I think in my opinion bo3 has better maps than bo1, but bo1 definitely brought some of the most classic maps in the entire series. Hell, I can’t think of a single bad map in bo1 other than maybe kino der toten. But even then, it’s still got a lot of enjoyment to it even if I do think it’s slightly overrated.

  2. If you have a pc, bo3 is so much fucking fun with mods. Especially with friends.

  3. It’s not that I think it needs a sequel, it more or less deserves a remake by bluepoint. Plus I believe that adding open-world to a bloodborne sequel would ruin the game just by how linear elden ring’s open-world is. Maybe if from soft could fix some of the problems we had in elden ring into bloodborne would be acceptable. But regardless bloodborne is just fine the way it is. Although fuck the 30 frames.

  4. Amazing game to start off the trilogy. But compared to the rest of the Metroid titles, it’s easily one of the weakest ones in my opinion.

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