1. I wouldn’t say he is luck to not play because this game has a lot to offer and they are fixing issues

  2. I love this visual bug, I wish it would stay permanent instead of reverting back to normal with the mask and head piece

  3. When do you unlock him for his challenges ?

  4. The trophies for me have been updating fine but it could be a problem with some people. Your the first person I heard have this problem could be a PlayStation issue but idk.

  5. Nice, im the guy in 2nd;)) Btw what do you spend ur tickets on? Im excact same lvl as you, but got 1,6 mil tickets that I dont know what to spend on?..

  6. My score has gone down but good job on the second place! But I spend my tickets on just on the shop that refreshes every 3 hours tbh there’s some cool stuff in there like emotes and masks you can’t get normally. I think if the game updates it needs more cosmetics.

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