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  1. The bag goes over the top of your jar and the rubber band or jar lid rig holds the bag on. This is so that if any pressure builds it will escape from under the bag without allowing air in. However I have recently tested, flipping the mason jar lid over so that way the red ring isn't exposed to the solvent. You can also use this in place of the bag. I haven't encountered any pressure build up from no heat so it should work just as well.

  2. That pipette looks epic, I started using 20 ml glass syringes 2 for 20.00 on amazin the worked great. I'm gonna snap the new tool and give that a whirl also. We've come along way buddy thank you for all the help along the way. Have a blessed Christmas and thanks again

  3. Congratulations, that's a great looking piece. Don't forget about the aftercare, again congrats it's a nice one

  4. Ashes to ashes and from dust to dust, from the earth back to the earth. We had a good run

  5. So I am currently using a Evolve plus with an ceramic attachment (you can’t use a basic coil) but I admit mines not the best you need a battery that can adjust the temperature

  6. Try the motar atomizer with the lodmere battery or the yocan orbit , it just came out. I've been using the motar for 4 months works great, the battery adjusts to the atomizers temperature up to 100 watts, the orbit goes up to 60. I'd recommend the orbit, go to it's 40.00 but get the extra coils

  7. I'm rolling it up, they broke it up for me.Those prices were to show people who are having financial problems that there are other solutions besides getting raped by Ohio prices. 3 oz of shake for the price of a half ounce of buds is worth the drive all day long.

  8. It's all fun and games until you smoke a budtender fingernail

  9. Lmfao , never even thought about that happening. Thanks for the laugh, that would be fucked up if it happened I'll make sure to keep an eye out loose fingernails and such.

  10. I don't believe that the post you're responding to is even real. Smoking DMT 15 times a week for years? That's bizarrely specific, first of all, and also sounds unreal. I think he's trying to confuse people about what DMT is and how it's generally used- either that ir he's extremely confused himself.

  11. Why is him using they frequently unreal and how can you say it's not healing? You don't know what resources he has or what he has access to. I'll have 4-5 breakthroughs a week, why wait a long time to go back in? Dmt has helped more people than any other drug that I've spoken to people about or read about .

  12. Why would you say that you bouta make me cry 😭

  13. Ignore that asshole , it's a big ol troll with nothing better to do, miserable about her life ans trying to bring others down . It's a fairly simple fix , go see the dentist and go from there .

  14. A eighth is called a eighth for a reason, go anywhere and ask someone what a Ohio 10th is. It's a cash grab because anyone with 250.00 can get a medical card, I talked to.the doctor in the phone for 20 seconds. Ohio is a greedy ass state. There's 27 prison facilities in Ohio, 6th Most in the US, most are privately ran, another cash grab by the greedy bastards. The cultivators don't sell eighths , they sell pounds. The dispensary breaks down the flower. Go to any other states dispensaries website and see what that charge for the product, it's damn near half the price if not cheaper. Why is it so much more here, we have amazing fucking soil or pure stream water with special bees that pollinate the flowers??? We don't, the state is full of greedy politicians.

  15. It's bullshit what they weight it out to, a Ohio eighth ? Get the fuck outta here and then what they charge, greedy fuckers it's supposed to be "medicine ". Just another shameless cash grab by the state and the select handful that really benefit from it

  16. The Tyrrell Corporation on YouTube has 6 , the one with the triangle on the cover is the one to watch

  17. Where do they even come up with this shit, it's the real life version of a looney tunes episode

  18. Quick fix if it's unsupervised, I've used it at least 20 times this year and passed all the tests or Google baking soda, it's blocks the ice from going into your piss. Look it up there's multiple sources I've passed that way also, it only blocks ice anything else will come up. Good luck and quit using yesterday until you test and lots of water

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