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  1. It already had her hair follicles on it. Why does it matter when your hair follicles joined hers. “Oooo….cooties!” is what the kids in grade school would have said…she just used different words. I’d have a hard time being friends with that person after that. But that’s just me.

  2. There was more than one PA in my DO Med school. I don’t think we’ll ever see a DO in a PA program. Just saying.

  3. As a DO, I’d be surprised if a PA was more than a surgical assist for brain surgery, organ transplant, or even a gallbladder. The PAs I’ve worked with had such little pharmacological knowledge that it was hard for me not to suggest that they should get a refund from their school. They should have been taught more than they were. And, let’s be honest, it is their school’s responsibility to teach them the basics, not the (lowly) DO that works the same shift as them. (I always helped with kindness, and showed them what resources they could use in the future, in case anyone wants to fire back that arrogant (lowly) DOs such as myself did not work well with PAs. Against the rules, I know, but some PAs I no longer worked with still asked me questions because the physician now working with them were rather incompetent and they knew I wouldn’t steer them wrong.)

  4. I can relate. My communication abilities are not what they used to be. At 50 years old there is no way my current brain and body could have completed the extremely intellectually competitive and physically challenging training/degrees I did during my 20s and 30s. I used to mask through distraction, boredom, fear, all of it. Now my masking skills are probably 25% or less of what they were.

  5. Oh, dear. You could eviscerate everyone you dealt with by talking to your university’s disability/diversity department. Autism and adhd are protected diagnoses. It’s like those folks said, “You’re in a wheelchair and you need accommodations? Well your friends have been carrying you and your chair to the second floor this whole time. Continue to find people to carry you upstairs because there is no way we are putting in an elevator now.” I’m so sorry you encountered the ignorance at your university health clinic.

  6. I have an EE 50 degree synthetic quilt and a Hammock Gear Premium 20 degree 950 down fill. They are both good quilts. The HG is wonderfully compressible. It’s my favorite quilt or bag (someone please stage an intervention so I stop buying quilts please)

  7. All the commenters that don’t know what goes on behind the scenes chiming in. I opened my own FM Clinic a few years ago and I knew that I could not afford to see patients with Medicare. But due to increased pressure I caved an opted into Medicare. Three months later and I did the math. I was making $44 an hour seeing Medicare patients. I was losing money. So I had to opt out of Medicare again so that my office could stay open. But sure, criticize me/us for being mean, and selfish, and a money grubbing doctor because we simply can’t afford to take some insurance plans. Because you have no idea what it’s really like. Being a doctor in the US reminds me of an old Tom Waits lyric, “Come down off the cross, we could use the wood.” We don’t have to voluntarily crucify ourselves to make strangers happy. Strangers who don’t care if our families suffer, our mental health suffers, our health suffers. We are people, too. FWIW, by the time I paid back my student loans with interest it was $500,000. I should get to choose if I let people crucify me; and it affects my day zero percent if folks criticize me because I couldn’t work for $44/hr.

  8. Get paid by showing productivity all day by putting the next item I’ve completed into our Teams chat. Can barely focus enough to do the projects, wander off most of the time, then sit down and do three in a row, meaning to submit one per hour to spread them out. Routinely forget to post one of the already finished ones at the “right time”, despite timers/reminders. Yeesh.

  9. They sell us consumerism as a distraction. “But don’t you want to buy more?” “But don’t you want to take out a loan or get another credit card so you can buy more?” “Ask your doctor about XYZ drug that will kill you.” I do believe that Marx was correct, “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” I would add “Being subjected to predatory capitalism is also a way to make the existential pain briefly go away.” I would love it if we all stopped buying all the stupid unnecessary stuff and showed the corporations that they don’t have us fatally hooked. I can dream ;)

  10. I’ve been considering buying the Gatewood Cape Bundle, it’s the cape and a mesh inner. The Serenity inner mesh tent is 11 oz and retails for $150. You could get it on sale at times, too. Around the holidays they had the bundle marked down to $250, and they email you codes for 10-20% off at times. I haven’t graduated to a bivy yet but I looked up many of them. Some cost more than $150, and some weigh more than 11 oz. I already have the SMD lunar solo, but I like the idea of being able to stargaze in good weather since this is like a double walled shelter. As a customer who buys stuff from SMD, they just sent a 20% off code and I’m looking hard at that bundle. Folks describe the poncho just about how I thought it would be…ok but not perfect.

  11. I’m a little jealous of your peaceful walks…my mind exhausts me with how much it jumps all around.

  12. I’m curious what would drive you to be a troll. Do you need attention? Who is your actual fight with? Not anyone here.

  13. I’m so sorry about your loss, it sounds so incredibly rough on top of everything else you’re dealing with. Sending you good virtual vibes through the Interweb….

  14. For my birthday this year I asked my bf for a “Kestrel” weather device and was so happy to get it. It’s small, less than the size of my iPhone, and it records the weather around you, like temp, wind speed, windchill factor, humidity, Heat Index, water temperature. I like to know those things about my surroundings and it helps me gage how I’m doing and what to expect in the heat, cold, and wind. The version I wanted costs around $125.

  15. The actual evaluation was $US 2,000. I had to drive 3.5 hours each way and stay in a hotel between two days of testing; then I drove back there to get my interpretation in person instead of over Zoom. Hotel $200. Gas $250. Total around $2,450. Paid cash because my insurance wouldn’t cover it. I admit I’m very privileged to afford this and was able to take time off of work to go out of town for 3 days to the nearest big city for this evaluation.

  16. The whole “did you take Tylenol when pregnant and your kid is autistic” thing is so annoying. For years and years Tylenol was the only pain reliever approved for use in pregnancy. Advil/Motrin/Aleve (ibuprofen and naproxen and other similar meds) were all associated with harm to the fetus and were strictly contraindicated for pregnant people. So they could only take Tylenol for pain. Some of them had autistic kids. But that’s like blaming water consumption with having an autistic kids.

  17. Trad Klangelical husband on the right hand side is the most common profile (cishet “christian” white middle class) for pedophilia, incest, etc. Not sure why we don’t point this out more.

  18. Wow, you're misunderstanding me on purpose. How do you take "I can't stand whiny, icky, angry, needy geeks" and get "girls need to love every boy around them?"

  19. I’m not “misunderstanding you on purpose.” I’m drawing a parallel between two situations. You said, “I’m certain that if a girl loved them they would turn out normal.” That means Aggressor A is only aggressive (in Reddit subs and our culture in general) if Scapegoat Person B had only done XYZ (in your own words, “loved them.”) Not much different than a domestic abuse perpetrator saying if Scapegoat Person B had only done XYZ (my example, dinner on the table at 5pm means no punch in the face). “If only girls would love them” sounds a lot like “if only she had dinner on the table at 5”). There are other glaring comparisons, most obvious being “Did you see what she was wearing? She was asking for it.” It sounds like it made you uncomfortable when someone pointed out your logic to you. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt bc you say you’re autistic but by your responses to OP it sounds like you have a few more challenges than that. Hey, me too. Doesn’t make us bad people. Speaking for myself, sometimes my brain is reactive instead of active in a positive way. Be well!

  20. You’re fun. Best wishes, and be well. I hope you find what you need in this world without harming others as you do it. Take care.

  21. No. The White Mountains in California. They’re right next to Eastern Sierra. Thus, my suggestion related to a hike in the Eastern Sierra. Look up White Mountain peak. It’s one of the highest in the lower ‘48. It is the

  22. I would say Dunning Krueger has. You’re getting personal in a hiking sub? Lmao.

  23. Yep, folks were talking about the White mountains in California. Your link was from a different set of White mountains, which I pointed out in a polite way. But then you commented I should “look up White Mountain peak” “sorry to laugh but that would be one hell of a drive”…except you still hadn’t checked your link at that time, had you? You didn’t even realize it was the wrong set of mountains when you posted the link. None of the locations in that link are in California, but you made an incorrect assumption. Instead of taking 30 seconds to read the content of your link, after someone politely pointed it out to you, you told someone else they made a mistake in a snarky way, then projected “snarky” onto someone else. “Lmao, sorry to laugh but.” Be well! Happy Hiking! Enjoy whatever set of White mountains you prefer, “lmao lol rofl” omg pct jmt ;)

  24. No matter what happens with your trip and disabilities (for which I’m wishing you well with a great outcome) one thing you can do is draw attention to the fact that it isn’t one they cover, and find out how to put the heat on them so they start to cover it.

  25. Just a differing respective, I hear you when you voice frustration that your old prescription was working for you and then someone changed it. There could be many medical conditions where “something is working for somebody” but the medication is being prescribed incorrectly. Just because doctor A was willing to write a prescription for high doses of something, for example, that doesn’t mean that doctor B is obligated to continue a medication dose that is not considered safe. We must admit, it’s strange that we want a doctor to sign their name to a prescription they feel is inappropriate or unsafe. When a doc signs their name, they are going on record saying “In my expert medical opinion, I believe this medication is the absolute best treatment for this person.” It would be medically unethical for a doctor to prescribe a regime they think is not appropriate. Rather than trying to fix this over the phone, might I recommend an office visit so the doc can do a physical exam and discuss more of a long term treatment plan. Be well!

  26. Thanks! I'm trying to stay away from the trekking poles because I hope that whatever I land on also works for bike packing where I wouldn't have poles with me (also don't own a pair of trekking poles in general..)

  27. Every trekking pole tent I can think of sells an aluminum or carbon fiber pole for people who are bikepacking or don’t carry poles. Six Moon Designs, Dursten XMids, Gossamer Gear The One, and several more just off the top of my head. You don’t have to rule out a trekking pole tent just because you don’t have trekking poles. They can be very lightweight and durable, even though the ones I just mentioned are in the $200 range. You could just buy the pole from them and use it with a cheap Chinese trekking pole tent and still be around $100.

  28. My camp was cold and quiet, the full moon was incredibly bright. And I learned the hard way that the temp rating on my quilt was for survival, definitely not comfort. I was awake all night due to the cold. But the hike wasn’t draining, I didn’t pack too much stuff, and I was the only person at a beautiful alpine lake.

  29. Dumb question - what if I just went out there and hiked? Do they have personnel patrolling every day checkin permits?

  30. If I understand the question correctly… the answer is no one needs a permit for day hiking in Yosemite or Inyo National Forest (JMT). We only need a back country permit to stay overnight. Some less sexy trailheads always have permits available. Some are all gone right away. Yesterday I logged in at 7:00 am and finally got one of the sexy trailhead passes. I checked again at 7:01 and they were all gone. Last week I couldn’t check until 7:09 and they were long gone. I’ve heard rumors that the site isn’t right, but I don’t know much about it. A lawyer made a couple posts about taking action against the site a week or two ago and got downvoted. That stuff about the bots is crazy. Two sexy trailheads are gone immediately from Friday to Sunday, every week. It’s a bummer.

  31. Also, it stings in a special way to be a local and unable to backpack in my “backyard.”

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