1. To me proshipping just means being able to write whatever fucked up shit you like so long as it is properly tagged and Dead Doved so that anyone who wants to avoid what you are writing about can do so. I don’t agree with everything that proshippers write about, and in fact some of it is pretty disgusting, but I’m not gonna say they can’t write about it just because I don’t like it. I’m not going to read it anyway.

  2. Are the tags saying it's safe to come back to tumblr? Because I left for the exact reasons mentioned in the post

  3. After the Titty Ban and the mass exodus it actually got a lot calmer once the dust settled.

  4. It's been so long, I'll probably die of old age before it come out

  5. Considering it's a complete overhaul of the game plus additional content i can understand that it would take a while. especially with a pretty small dev team.

  6. What the heck? So the black magic witches on Dathomir can raise their dead (magic zombies) there's a biological virus that reanimates (science zombies)? Star Wars is fucking scary. I need a Star Wars horror movie and/or show now.

  7. There was a book called “Death Troopers” which was actually pretty good until Han Solo and Chewbacca showed up.

  8. I was about to make that same comment, didn’t need Han and Chewie thrown in.

  9. Read the book years ago, shut it when Han and Chewie were introduced, haven't finished it since.

  10. Holy cow... I read your comment and thought, "Who are they talking about? I went to highschool with a guy we called MatPat." Then I googled it to suddenly find that Matthew Patrick from my graduating class is famous! Crazy! Thanks for your comment. That was wild.

  11. You've never seen Game Theory/ Film Theory? Huh, i thought he was generally known on reddit since he's had a Youtube Channel that's been popular for like a decade now. Either way i'm glad to help you make that connection lol!

  12. If every right winger is so enthusiastic about Rittenhouse shooting a pedophile then he’s got another chance right there.

  13. This is off topic but this reminds me of a really old IOS game where you play as a dude that fights progressively larger enemies that are in this kind of “vaguely European but exaggerated” style. Can’t for the life of me remember what it was called though.

  14. I think the reason people are responding poorly to your post is not that they disagree really but that you say "so many people miss one of the central themes of cyberpunk so fundamentally" and "I feel like these points are completely lost on people." But you really don't have any evidence of this beyond hornyposting. So people are responding defensively because they do get it. Anyone who doesn't and is really just here for the T&A isn't reading essays about commodification.

  15. Right? like, yes, hypersexualization is a theme of Cyberpunk, but only because comanies can sell you a robo-dick or a pill that can make you ejaculate by the bucketloads. It's not the sex itself that is the issue, it is the fact that corporations have commodified this human experience no matter how you enjoy it.

  16. the point isn't that sex is bad. i feel like that's an almost puritanical view of it that swings too far in the other direction. The point is that they've commodified it. Yes, to some sex is a very intimate thing that signifies a strong bond, but to others it's just something people do for fun. Neither way is the "wrong way" to go about it. what is wrong are the corporations that have found ways to take it and sell it back to you. Sex isn't a drug any more than candy is.

  17. M&M’s changing the boots on one of their fake mascots left republicans outraged. Why is this news?

  18. “He got heart problems from a blow to the chest that’s known to cause heart problems? Nonsense! It much have been the vaccine he took months ago that had no effect until just after he got hit in the chest by the human equivalent of a freight train!” -these guys

  19. Any Twitter account with a marble statue profile picture (except for Classical Memes For Hellenistic Teens) you can safely assume to be a fascist.

  20. It will be a fun movie that does poorly in the box office but retains a cult following years later.

  21. Looks like a cartoonish Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars

  22. He was paid to slander the show by his patreon.

  23. You make a better argument than the people who parrot hbomberguy hate videos

  24. Eh, he makes some valid criticisms. It’s not a hate video like the Sherlock one is, it’s just his expression of disappointment that it fell short of what it could have been. That doesn’t invalidate the people who like the show or it’s genuinely good moments.

  25. Bi and polyamorous here, but i definitely agree that the association should not be seen as inherent. non-monogamy is not for everyone nor should it be,

  26. And then it's now basically impossible to kill him with old age thanks to TTC.

  27. So because of the Chameleon Arch the Doctor is biologically a Time Lord, but within the pocket watch is their former life as TTC.

  28. A terf and a fascist, sitting in the tree. it's the same person.

  29. I think the adult books of Phase 1 would make great movies, but at the same time I’m more than happy to keep them as books

  30. I’d be okay with Starkiller in name only as just one of the inquisitors, but nothing about him being Vader’s apprentice or being cloned or anything

  31. The woman was answered though. In rtds book the writers tail where he goes into his experience writ8ng the show. He says in both script and his mind the woman is doctors mother. He just felt like some fans might get upset at that so left it ambitious in final cut. But he absolutely wrote it as his mother

  32. I headcanon her to be a previous regeneration of Tecteun.

  33. Idk why this is getting downvoted, it makes sense (and even if it doesn't, it's your headcanon..). We all know rtd intended for her to be his mother, Tecteun is who we know to be the closest thing to a mother he had (yes, he probably got adopted by another family when Division discarded him, but were never properly introduced to them).

  34. I can kinda understand why. Even I’m not a huge fan of Chibnall’s era and the decisions he made regarding The Timeless Child. The woman being Tecteun is mostly just a fun little headcanon i have considering her place amongst the Time Lord High Council, her ability to appear out of nowhere, and her closeness to The Doctor.

  35. So just Mystery Incorporated but they can say Fuck? I’m in. Give me that series.

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