1. The game mode is going to be completely pointless if they stop movement skills and invuln as the maps are VERY small to begin with, and after dodging (If your still allowed) you dont have any tools to stop you from getting hit.

  2. Ah man well, probably because they like these heroes, and are gonna you know, keep adding heroes.

  3. Somebody gets bullied by Bellonas in arena I see.

  4. She is like 1/100th of athena though and very similar.

  5. first of all thats not even how that works, and thats not in any decent states XD.

  6. First of all, what the fuck is "attempted possession" you dont attempt to possess things, in your own car.

  7. Would've ran all over Ohio State for sure, if what Don did is any indication.

  8. "Would've ran all over Ohio State for sure, if what Don did is any indication.

  9. Fury doesn't have powerful punches at all. He certainly won't lay usyk out with a single shot.

  10. I mean I dislike fury and think he as a joke, but there no way a fist falling from 7 feet high with 400lbs behind it isn't gonna hit hard.

  11. It's all relative and in context though. Does he have a harder punch than Joshua? No. Did Joshua lay usyk out? No. Will fury position himself better to land that shot than Joshua? Yea probably. Will he be able to land a shot like he did on wilder? I doubt it.

  12. I havent played a lo tbut felt balance was ok and thanatos was my easiest and favorite char

  13. I agree with you and would like to add that lack of content is one of my biggest issues with the game.. its shame that they release alpha build with so little to do

  14. its a platform fighter what are expecting PvE quest and stuff

  15. He’s one of the most prolific punchers in heavyweight history, stopping or dropping everyone he’s ever faced

  16. No its not, there is a bunch of heavyweights similar in that regard.

  17. No one said wilder will be talked about 10 years from now in a who would beat him conversation. He’s not a great fighter, but at the very least he is memorable. He participated in one of the most hype trilogies in recent memory and many boxing legends alike have stated how great his POWER was.

  18. man in the yellow joystick not even working and he can only lean and throw body shots not fair at all

  19. WE know they are small as hell and will be tired after the first quarter.

  20. Unlike receivers, running backs don’t need world-class speed. Running backs need explosive quickness, lightning moves, and the ability to break tackles for yards-after-contact. Corum has all of that.

  21. Corum is not going to be shrugging off grown ass NFL men like he does to these college kids, he is to small, and thats already a rarity.

  22. Dang crazy how teo needs promoted off his one solid win.

  23. Mom says I'm the best tight end, I do not want to compete with other competitive guys, improve my game, or stay on top of it. So I do not want to put in effort, when I see myself still losing to better guys. I love you though don't hate me thanks.

  24. Does anyone really care about this team or deon sanders? yeah aiight go away

  25. I mean this is literally how we have played all year, except against trash cans, and JJ is looking quite better then usual IMO.

  26. Nothing to gain? We gain a big ten title! I want to beat Ohio State to 50

  27. yea lets be realistic, a 4 loss team is no champion regardless of this format it still comes down to OSU or MICH in reality and wealready won that game.

  28. You’re completely wrong. The committee already basically said they don’t view last week as a blowout. Just get ready, the rematch is coming. 0% chance you’re right.

  29. they also literally said long ago they will go out of their way to make sure rematches dont happen in the semi finals, as we saw last year.

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