1. Under your fine direction. I went and watched the full video. The accused 'shittily slow' driver is well in front of the 'overtaker' by a great distance. A matter of a couple of hundred yards coming up to the roundabout.

  2. Drives wrong way through roundabout 'no danger in maneuver'. You mate sound like a complete and utter entitled twat.

  3. There was no real danger in this particular maneuver. That's NO ACCIDENT OCCURRED.

  4. I have kids, so can't comment on what you are feeling. But I remember someone saying once that it can get quite lonely in later life without a family

  5. Sounds like a pretty selfish reason to have kids tbh

  6. I think it's just just an observation or a side effect.

  7. I can get on board with wanting to. That's the only real legitimate reason imo. Many people want nothing more than to have children, and that's great for them. I just hate the 'you'll be lonely' or 'who will look after you when you're old' type arguments. Seems like a pretty shitty reason to bring a human being into the world.

  8. Try ATU Donegal. They have a level 8 science in computing that is fully online

  9. The censorship laws target: Books, films, magazines, newspapers, online content and other forms of mass communication may be restricted or banned if they are considered. Not individuals ability to express themselves through public speech

  10. You have a right to freely express your convictions and opinions (Article 40.6.1.i). However, that right can be limited in the interests of public order and morality. You can also not use this right to defame someone else as this would interfere their constitutional right to a good name.

  11. The United States that has "freedom of speech" have both sedition and deformation laws so I don't see how that proves that we don't?

  12. In fact, it's so bad that the EU fined apple €13bn because the Irish government didn't charge them enough.. But the Irish said that they didn't want the money. Just imagine that.. a government saying no to 'free' money.. especially over €13bn..

  13. Apple employs over 6000 people in ireland. The government will not do anything to threaten those jobs.

  14. Don't blame the farmers here. They get paid about 18c a ltr for milk. About a tenth if what it's sold for by the supermarket

  15. It's actually just over 40c a litre atm, but that will drop soon supposedly.

  16. It's among the highest farmers have got in a very long time. Don't forget that's the raw product, have to add in for processing plant and then the shop profits.

  17. And you lot have done some whinging over the years, over 900 years actually and you still haven’t put us in the sea. That is quite embarrassing, you lot are not very bright or brave lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Having consulted the official terms and conditions of the GFA*, I can now confirm that you are a Gobshite.

  19. He’s an American. Not Irish or English or German or Mexican. He’s an American. Move on you stupid Yanks.

  20. After official investigation, I can now confirm that you are a gobshite.


  22. It was a horrible thing but everyone appears united against the gunmen. So hopefully things are not going backwards. How many dissidents are there anyway? Which of them could seriously believe they are furthering their aims or garnering support by shooting someone coaching kids football?

  23. I don't know if it's true, but the rumours around work are that it was something to do with the kinahan gang and not dissidents. Supposedly he was involved in investigations against them.

  24. No idea. I'm literally repeating the rumour from work. Nothing more

  25. Seriously... can we not just do 'my lovely horse'?

  26. While technically true, realistically ireland is one of only 3 other countries allowed to manufacture chips for the US military. It might not be an arms industry but very much makes it a legitimate target if something crazy like a world war broke out.

  27. That's true. But at the same time I don't think it's justified as a reason to vote no to a united ireland

  28. Has to be fake? Ireland can't be seen from space... under the constant thick cloud cover!

  29. What do you mean by open engagement? Do you expect people to line up in a field and shoot each other with muskets?

  30. You're mistaking the ira from the 1910s and 1920s with the pira of the 1970s and 80s. This song is about the ira who fought with the black and tans

  31. Mehh, look its bollocks but it's correct. Accidental, but his hand controlled the ball.

  32. But would it be a penalty if it hit a defenders arm in the same way?

  33. No,l it wouldn't be a penno. there's different rules for attackers and defenders.

  34. It is different rules. But isn't it under the pretence of unfair advantage? Obviously I'm biased here, but imo if his arm was lifted out of the way, it would have hit him in the side and gone in anyway, therefore not an unfair advantage? I guess that's too nuanced and def too biased tbh.

  35. Absolutely agree. There's serious work and I have no faith in the government in the south. I'm in Belfast with no government. 12 years of tory austerity are crippling but the South seems in worse shape. The boat needs rocked.

  36. How is the south in worse shape? There is a housing crisis but that's by design by fine gael more than anything else. Apart from that (and healthcare, which is still way better than the uk) the south is in great shape.

  37. Says the man defending convicted Criminals 😂

  38. He was literally convicted for doing it so it definitely does. If your trying to do a ‘gotcha’, its not working

  39. Dear God. Your reasoning is as bad as your spelling. You need to get some fresh air buddy. Sucking your own farts is doing some serious damage

  40. It's like Mayo and the All Ireland... no one actually cares if they do win, but we all get a small bit of pleasure from seeing them lose again.

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