1. I’m moving from South Boulder to North Boulder next month. Should I repaint my blue car before I go?

  2. I’m waiting for volume II of Naik’s Typography of Devanagari to pop up. People buy the three volume set and sell I and III, which I have. I might just break down and drop $1,370 for a three volume set that’s been online for a few months. I’m not buying this one as a collectible, I actually want to read it. I tried an inter-library loan but the only library I could get it from only has volume I. It was on

  3. In my typography class, we had a portfolio project called "Figurative Typography", where we took a photo of an author/songwriter/artist/notable person and recreated their portrait using only characters from a single font. It's time-consuming, but not a very hard assignment. It could probably take up about 2 weeks or so of your semester. We got some really good results out of my class, but we also got some really funky interpretive ones too! I think it was a great assignment, I got really up close and personal with a lot of fonts trying to find the right one for my portrait.

  4. This project teaches nothing about hierarchy or layout, which are the things that a basic typography class should be teaching. It belongs in an illustration class, not a typography class.

  5. You’re just going to be modifying a Korean Dean. It’s not a valuable or collectible instrument. Don’t worry about it.

  6. It depends on the locks you’re using, the bike you have, and where you’re leaving it chained up. A cheap lock and a cheap chain will be gone in less time than it took the cashier to sell them to you. Put them on a $1,000 bike parked near the Pearl Street mall and your bike isn’t long for this world.

  7. Surprised but not surprised to see a 4.5 rating on Google. People have questionable taste or integrity. Can we trust reviews anymore?

  8. Never trust crowdsourced restaurant reviews. If the best pizza you’ve eaten in your nineteen years on Earth came from Dominos then you might believe that Brooklyn Pizza is what good pizza from Brooklyn actually tastes like.

  9. I haven’t tried it but I did a different Metal Method course that was great.

  10. Was it a good speed one? I did a little research on the MAB one and it doesn’t have great reviews

  11. I did the complete rock guitar course. If the MAB course gets bad reviews just skip it.

  12. Now I’m imagining HPL writing Lilian a long letter about all the wacky shit that goes on in Amsterdam.

  13. Mine don’t cost me anything. I’m not sure if insurance covers it or if the procedure is free because I’m doing it at nonprofits that take blood donations.

  14. I wish they would do this with with the other music videos

  15. The other videos were probably all shot direct to videotape and there’s no HD video source.

  16. This looks terrible. Someone either did a poor job upscaling the old video or did a poor job compressing the video before uploading it.

  17. I keep telling myself I’ll never buy another new Gibson because the quality control sucks; every new Gibson I’ve bought had problems. But then I see a Les Paul on sale for $500 off and fuck me I end up with another guitar that needs fret work.

  18. I really should have done that last time. But the cool features on the Traditional Pro V sucked me right in. I really should have bought a used SG standard.

  19. It depends on what you’re going to do. Are you just going to fuck around with type on a stock photo? Then sure, $250 is good. If you’re going to be doing custom lettering you should be charging a lot more.

  20. Bramble and Hare has incredible food. It’s a great place to go stoned because the smell coming from the kitchen is wonderful. Oak has great food but the rest of the experience is kind of bland. Carelli’s is fancy by Boulder standards, but the food is devoid of pretense. Frasca is incredible if you can get a reservation.

  21. Fuck no. Those guitars are even uglier than Alembics. My limit on a new guitar would be a Gil Yaron Bone 59, I think those are $8,100 direct or $10,500 from a dealer.

  22. I think that Fender doesn’t want guitars to relic fast. They want customers to pay extra for the reliced finish. But Gibson’s satin finishes and the finishes on the tribute models are tissue paper thin and rub off quickly.

  23. Labcorp has a few locations in town. But get a GP first because blood work isn’t cheap.

  24. A Blackstar HT series amp with a Tube Screamer is the poor man’s Rectifier.

  25. If i remember correctly, the Bugera 333XL was meant to be a copy of the Mesa Boogie, it's actually a pretty solid amp and cost like 500$.

  26. The 333 is a clone of the Peavey XXX. Bugera killed their line of Mesa copies after Mesa sued them.

  27. Buy a bright colored bike helmet. It makes you much easier to spot, day or night. Bontrager makes some great day-glo green helmets.

  28. I think that it’s often ignorance. They think design is easy, so one designer must be able to plan, design, and code everything.

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