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  1. Sorry for poor image quality - on starting deck today, store icons have gone weird, some are small and can’t be selected. This only happens in the game mode store, the desktop version is fine. Can’t find any obvious solutions. Anyone come across this before?

  2. Yup, tried that one, tried hard shutdown and reboot, as well as “soft” restart of Steam.

  3. I have Skyrim on virtually every platform including Steam Deck, PS5 and Windows but the one that gets most love these days is the Switch version. With the legendary edition update and the OLED screen, it’s the most accessible for me to pick up and play on the sofa. I think of it as having one big mod, the portability one. Steam deck is a close second with the mod library available though.

  4. Agree with you up to a point. We had some dog harnesses go missing.

  5. They must have had some good leads to act on…….

  6. Nice of them to show the previous model, with three of the new ones right in front of it.

  7. Versus Evil did an incredibly poor job on Pillars of Eternity and shipped it in effectively an alpha state. It should have been withdrawn from the store. They then abandoned it a couple of patches later saying they couldn’t fix the issues due to limitations of the Switch hardware - not that these prevented them from releasing it, of course…..

  8. Surely you only need one lembas bread between you.

  9. Could always go with “Rewanked” and completely bluff your way through the inevitable objections.

  10. Definitely “influencers” - get a proper job ffs, don’t just expect free stuff and global hero worship for flashing your fake tan, trout pout and plastic tits over instagram. Oxygen thieves, the lot of them.

  11. It would be better if they just used super powerful lasers to slice off the body part(s) that stray offside. Remove all doubt and easier for fans to understand.

  12. You might need a few extra “O’s” to fill the space but why not go with “ I am GOOOOOOOOOD!!” instead

  13. My ASUS ROG gaming laptop sits untouched in the corner, my PS5 has been in virtual standby for the last two months. My Switch gets the occasional run out for the games that I haven’t double- dipped on deck, like Persona 5 or Monster Hunter Rise. Meanwhile my Steam Deck gets all the love, with Elden Ring calling to me every evening, and my 200+ game library growing with every glance at the sales. Even my gf doesn’t complain about the fan noise and she can hear a mosquito fart two streets away.

  14. When you take care of the Void, the Void also takes care of you……..

  15. Next thing you’ll be telling us you can afford to eat it hot, too. Unbelievable.

  16. In other news, Malaysia hit by nuke from space.

  17. The thing to do is to hold eye contact like in a spaghetti western shootout, make a sharp, fake step forward towards the road and then cackle evilly as your button-bashing would-be nemesis races to get ahead of you and gets totalled by a number 49 bus.

  18. No, the murder is already decided. They are now working out how to dispose of the body and empty your bank account.

  19. Any minute now an angry Balrog will emerge rubbing its head where a sodding iron bar just bonked him.

  20. If you allow ducks, you eventually have to allow swans, and they'll break your arm if you're not careful

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