1. How small was your dick previously?

  2. That is why the FEC and DOJ didn't touch those charges because there was nothing there.

  3. You’ve definitely done your own research and aren’t just parroting what Right Wing media tells you!

  4. You have facts to refute what I stated? Let's hear them or is that all you got?

  5. I mean, you’re right that at the federal level he hasn’t been charged. You’re making wild inferences as to the reasons why that is

  6. None of them will be in the same room together during filming.

  7. What do you think the democrats should focus on more?

  8. Naw, Democratic Party is corrupt too. Almost, but not quite, as bad as the Republicans. They aren’t fascists though, so I’m glad they continue winning elections. I think a lot of that is you guys and how unhinged you are. The democrats suck but you culture war psychos are just so weird and off putting that they can’t help but win elections.

  9. Could you point me to anyone significant on the left in any way justifying, or defending the killing of these people?

  10. Nah i filter my own water, grow my own food, and i don't even get the seasonal flu shot. Certainly didn't get the clotshot.

  11. They’re gonna air drop liquid estrogen onto your compound like agent orange, and then then just blast BET twenty four hours a day. Bigot.



  14. He’s very, very stupid. He’s also a shit broadcaster. His only talent is playing the YouTube algorithm. But they changed that recently, and he’s suffering. As evidenced by him having to do twice as many videos a day and going harder right.

  15. Nah there are lots of violent hateful fucks in the real world too.

  16. It’s a common mistake to assume that extremely online weirdos and violent terrorists are mutually exclusive groups.

  17. I think transphobia (at least of the genocidal variety) is almost exclusively concentrated in severely online weirdos. Like, normal people don’t know who Matt Walsh is and when confronted by him react in complete disgust.

  18. So, to clarify, you believe you’re in a holy war against gender non conforming people?

  19. The right wing are the fascists, but the center left (at best) Democrats certainly aren’t helping anyone.

  20. What you have to remember is that conservatives have no ideology but power. Something like “hypocrisy” or “consistency” or even “objective truth” doesn’t register to them. It’s not that they don’t value these things, they literally don’t realize they exist.

  21. That’s accurate, and the Tim Pool sub illustrates it beautifully

  22. It’s going to be a hoot watching the left try and not highlight the glowing mental health issue with our youth but rather demonize the right for not wanting to chemically castrate kids and blaming them for all this.

  23. I’ve never seen a “leftist” deny there being serious mental health problems amongst the youth. Where people being transgender fits into that is a little stickier.

  24. What’s interesting is that I think Patrick Bet David is sincerely stupid, but he’s not craven in the way many of these people are.

  25. The joerogan subreddit is such an oddity, some right-wingers but also a lot of left wing UFC and comedy lovers (from back in the redban days I assume) shitting on Joe when he says stupid shit.

  26. Yeah, Rogan isn’t like Tim Pool or Matt Walsh (although he’s getting closer by the day). He has on interesting guests and will even push back against them occasionally.

  27. Why is he still hailed as some visionary by both sides somewhat

  28. do you think most republicans are conservatives, and therefor sociopaths? Honestly you guys sound delusional talking about how conservatives are subhuman, whats wrong with you guys?

  29. I wouldn’t be surprised if this shooter was seriously traumatized by something, and was seriously mentally ill. We obviously don’t know at this point, but that seems likely.

  30. Heartbreaking - the worst person you know just made a great point

  31. You've been coddled all your life by parents and teachers who told you over and over again that you were "gifted." These people have failed you completely. Where they should have been firm, they were lenient, where they should have been blunt, they sugar-coated, and the result is a weak, immature person who touts an extremely narrow aptitude test that doesn't measure emotional intelligence or critical thinking skills as if it were some kind of trump card in arguments to prove that you're "smart."

  32. I assure you, no one has ever confused me for someone gifted.

  33. I really wonder how dysfunctional the DW people (specifically regarding Ben) are behind this facade they've tried to carefully build for their marks. Like, with these cases of Ben snapping back at his colleagues on Twitter like here & when Candace was siding with Ye's JQ arc, I'm very curious what their interactions are like when the cameras are off.

  34. I do not believe they interact socially, and I’d imagine they all deeply dislike one another.

  35. I don’t know whatever dumb drama this meme’s talking about, but I always find Lance’s laugh really irritating.

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