1. Honestly that title is so fucking middle school it hurts

  2. I didn’t see it but didn’t Antebellum get pretty bad reviews?

  3. I think the movie was considered pretty terrible, by she was doing her best in it.

  4. He just assumes that Tim “exposed” Fuentes but what does Tim even disagree with Nick about? Tim could 100% be brought over to JQ shit if he hasn’t already, he’s a wack job.

  5. I truly despise Tim Pool, and I think he's absolutely a racist. But he played it well last night, pretending to be an "anti-identitarian" or whatever. He could have easily danced around the JQ, but he offered pushback (incredibly mild pushback, but regardless) so very rare W for Mr. Pool.

  6. Mostly his constant demanding that the BLM protesters had their schools cracked in. Also, he sure hangs out with a lot of outright Nazis for someone who calls themselves a moderate centrist

  7. Just steal a popcorn bucket out of the garbage and get a free refill. Live mas

  8. People who fuck in an Arby’s bathroom are far more likely to go raw.

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