1. Don’t tell her we’ve been lost for four hours I had to call the base to get a ride back and the helicopter is lost now too!

  2. They have some dams I don’t they’re that good definitely wouldn’t call them gorgeous more like boring dams

  3. We might shit a lot on France but while a lot of NATO just catch a ride on the US they at least try to do shit by themselves (successfully or not).

  4. To be fair France deserves it. Stay humble France we know what you did.

  5. Is this from the recent anime? That's pretty bold.

  6. No it’s from the game near the end of chapter 9

  7. You know I was thinking “Rimmy what are you doing here?” Cause I recognized the lettering and holy shit it is him.

  8. Throwing in my two cents. Most people didn’t expect the war to go like this. We saw Crimea and we thought Russia still had teeth. But Crimea in hindsight was the mistake. If they had gone to hit all of Ukraine they may have been able to do it since admittedly Ukraine wasn’t up to speed at the time. But they learnt they were behind and man did they innovate. And to clarify the Ukrainian military is not a NATO army they do not operate the same way there are differences so Russia can’t even say they’re fighting a NATO force.

  9. Gonna be honest I didn’t think about I just went yeah okay that makes sense. I didn’t fear them I just didn’t care to double check.

  10. Say what you will her being a bad bad guy she does successfully run her business even if it is rough and does care for her subordinates. She’s a better boss than most of us will ever have.

  11. “Kid don’t die, the dead can’t contribute to the cause.” (Whatever the hell cause is and whoever the hell she is)

  12. The cause is complete domination of the Earth Sphere

  13. Also not that impressive they’ve been taken out in the past this is not special

  14. I didn’t actually have that theory. See my theory is Suletta doesn’t know where babies come from.

  15. Yeah I’m gonna say Kou is wrong. There will always be bastards who need killing.

  16. She would be a super easy boss. Just give her food and she’ll be your friend.

  17. Leonardo Divinci made a tank blueprint. Why not just have them be produced in desperation?

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