1. basically all of them atm. I’m hoping to work on the vehicles a lot and also drive as well

  2. Go ahead and DM me and I can explain some things I know

  3. Use a joint to constrain the bearing journal faces in translation in a coordinate system at the center of the bearing. The model will be underconstrained if you constrain the inner points and apply a force at the outer end, it'll pivot about the inner points. You may need to add a dummy constraint to stop that, you just need to check that it's taking minimal force.

  4. I was able to make it a balanced model if you know what I mean by that. Essentially using three bearing loads (one on each journal surface) that mostly cancel each other out. Then I used the 3-2-1 method to contrain it at nodes to take out any issues with inaccuracies. Thank you though!

  5. Nevermind. Ended up making it into a balance model with three bearing loads. Then used the 3-2-1 method with displacements on nodel named selections and it worked perfectly.

  6. Total boat flotation foam I believe

  7. The Park at 1824 on the east side of Milwaukee has furnished 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.

  8. That is the one I knew of sadly. Lots of bad reviews and they keep telling me that they don’t know if units will be available yet for january so idk what is happening.

  9. If the light on the charger is not turning on that it means it has failed. If you disconnect it from the wall and computer for 15 minutes and then try again and the same thing happens, call Dell and they’ll send you a new one.

  10. Nah dell basically told me to F off and buy a new one. Their customer service has definitely gone down hill

  11. How long have you owned your laptop? Bought new or refurbished?

  12. It’s from WallPaper engine on steam. I don’t think i’m able to send it because technically it’s a live wallpaper

  13. Hey ik this is 4 years later, but could I get access?

  14. Thank you so much. These were exactly what I was looking for!

  15. And the racoons want to invade black. I've seen them multiple times there

  16. I'll only a feshman mech e but I can tell you that you're definitely going to put in more work for something you truly want to do. I study just about every night for around 3 hours before my physics and calc exams for the week before tests and do pretty well. Otherwise I'm working from around 6pm-9pm with my homework most nights, sometimes more (with some breaks). You won't have a lot of free time but you definitely get used to it. You'll probably need to put in more than "reasonable" effort but I think that's ok as long as you enjoy it.

  17. yep! anyone with a Reddit account can place one square every 5 minutes; so it takes a lot of people and teamwork to make even a small picture

  18. We’ve done it once before, let’s do it again

  19. Yea if you look at the original, we’re right above the mona lisa

  20. oh thats sweet! clean type s too. whered you bypass the firewall? Also are those lights bright enough to also function as headlights?

  21. Sadly it's just a base model '08, but thank you. Firewall is bipassed through a small grommet behind the engine. I took out the grommet and drill a small hole into it and fed the wires throught before reinstalling. You can find better pictures of the grommet if you go on the forums of people who install aftermarket subwoofers in their TL. They are pretty bright (enought to where it's hard to take photos of the car when it's dark out) but because the light isn't contained with a reflector, not much actually lights up the road so I wouldn't use it as headlights. Plus your brake lights wouldn't be always on if you did. Let me know if you have anymore question!

  22. idk what happened but i cant see your comment, just the notif that you replied. Im guessing somethings j got scuffed on my end. maybe try sending it again?

  23. Try reloading the whole thread again. I can't just repasted it because the links won't transfer. Let me know if that works

  24. I hear ya....if you follow his video I attached it's pretty easy. Hardest part is masking everything off. Nice results though. Good luck.

  25. I ended up picking out the Meguiars headlight spray coating. I'll try to come back in like 6 months and let y'all know

  26. 👍 when you have to re-do that one, you may want to look at this if you're hesitant on the 2k spray... CERAKOTE Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit – Guaranteed To Last As Long As You Own Your Vehicle – Brings Headlights back to Like New Condition - 3 Easy Steps - No Power Tools Required

  27. Thank you! Yea so the oxidation comes off really easy when I use my DA Polisher with compound and polish. I just needed a way to seal the headlight after. That's why I was apprehensive about buying a full kit again

  28. When I read the title I thought that they were going to dry blast the paint to remove it. Glad that did not happen

  29. Which modul will you use ? Fluent or static structure ? I mean if you use it for energy equation , you need few more mecanical properties

  30. Just a static structural analysis of a single part

  31. You may have seen videos of her before. Shes one of those religious speakers that goes around to college campuses but she says the most outlandish things that it's actually funny. Typically has a large crowd that heckles and laughs at what she says

  32. Ahh one of the ones that randomly tells everyone they're going to hell?

  33. Ehhh. Not exactly. I would look up a video of her to get the full experience 😂

  34. I know a small time white rapper in the area called Z-Major. Could be your guy

  35. I looked through his videos, couldn’t find any that matched 🥲

  36. Sadly no, I remember this guy being white.

  37. Photo of the radioactive “rock pile” in the post.

  38. Maybe "Whip a Tesla" by Yung Gravy? That's what your post made me think of....I could be way off!

  39. Sadly it definitely was not Yung Gravy filming a music video in Missouri. Thanks for the help though!

  40. It’s the matrix skin and I bought the top and bottom peice.

  41. Was it pretty easy to apply? Looks great

  42. Top skin was easy to apply, just took some time to make make sure it was lined up. Bottom skin was an absolute nightmare and took probably 30 minutes and still has a couple of parts messed up on it.

  43. I think you'll love it. Lots of modifications if you aren't looking for power. I love mine.

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