1. Beautiful flowers bro…awesome job!👍🏼👍🏼She’s definitely looking terplicious and those colas are BIG DICK for real huh?! Almost the size of your entire leg lol Very nice growmie. I’m hoping mine will be like yours🤞🏼got some “Garlic Godfather” that I created by crossing GMO(F) X Godfather OG(M)…we shall see in the near future! What brand and size LED you used btw?!🤔Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks I really appreciate the compliment!! Yeah my goal was for big colas, so I reduced the stems to make like 7 main one. Also I’m using spider farmer SF100D with fox farm nutes!

  3. Nice plant, which FF nutes?

  4. If you’re smoking a week after harvest, you have a lot to learn… these guys are spot on… harvest is about trichome, pistils, and swollen calyxes … all are important things to look at … we don’t need to look at your trichomes to see that you still have fresh pistil growth. This indicates the plant is still getting nutrients and is actively still flowering… if pistils are growing trichomes are NOT ripening before they’re absorbed into the flower and new trichomes are produced.

  5. The cell phone also doesn’t make the bud look like what it actually looks like it looks completely white but it has orange hairs all over it and some white hairs

  6. Now that you mention it… what’s your temperature and humidity like? After a few more looks, these look like foxtails… is the strain you’re growing known for natural foxtails?

  7. It’s at 74f and 45 humidity. It’s a gmo strain when is know for fox tailing

  8. Realistically? 2-4 weeks...those pistils will all be orange before you get the perfect 80/20ish mix on the trichomes.

  9. There is zero evidence dark period is effective for anything except losing terps much better 3 days extra light

  10. For the sake of typing , it can be from 2 things.

  11. Yo you just gave the best reply I’ve ever gotten on Reddit thank you so much

  12. You can tell without zooming you’re more than a week away. I would say probably 2+

  13. In my opinion, the nug pictured has a LOT of fresh pistils which means it’s still putting on bud. If this nug is about as mature as the rest of the plant, you’re looking at at least a week before she’s completely done swelling. I would advise don’t worry too much about the ripeness of your trichomes before the plant is done stacking weight and density. Ime, it makes sense to prioritize having fully grown, mature nuggets before you look at the trichs too closely.

  14. Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it! I def feel you. Cause most of the leaves the trichomes are completely ambers but the nugs are still putting out white hairs and clear trichomes. But also some nugs are slightly starting to amber. I’m def gonna just let her fatten up and then chop.

  15. Alright. I’m not worried. I been going hella easy on the nutes. But imma just stop giving them

  16. This is wild. Im on week 8 of my first grow and I look nothing like this. Then again my plant didnt come from an auto seed. Im projecting harvest around late August, sprouted beginning of March. Good luck with this monster!

  17. Is it healthy for the leaves to be so dark? I find it hard to tell somtimes what’s too dark or too light green

  18. It’s stacking so hard cuz the nitro is high. You red lined it. Lucky it didn’t reveg !!

  19. okay be honest how much of that is the reason you moved there?🤨😋

  20. This was my first one grown, first thug pug pack. I’m sold…. Haha

  21. Bro we got them green thumbs. My post is my first grow man and I’m shoook

  22. 7 weeks and she looks like she's nowhere near done showing you love! noice! are you saying first grow (as in ever) - GMO cookies? or first time growing GMO cookies? if this is your fist grow then my hats off to ya mate👏🏻

  23. no fucking shit??? man I wish I had taken some polaroids of my first grow so we could laugh at them now ha! you obviously have done your homework my friend. good to see that. I would be shitting my pants right now if my first grow looked like this😅 then again I don't think many people at all had seen weed that looks like this in the 90s... I've never used that light b4 so just ignore me if already a non-issue but just how close is that light to the top of your plants? do you think it could be a bit too close? are you seeing any sings of light stress on top? yellow top leaves or brown pistils on top while all other pistils are white? I could be wrong just watching out for ya. they seem to be enjoying everything you are doing.

  24. Thanks man! And it could be a little close but nothing is browning or looking off!

  25. Adding more nutrients when you likely have nutrient burn is not smart, flush before you destroy your crop

  26. A lil nute burn just means she’s getting nutes. Imma lightly go off the nutes then do a light flush. This is my first grow but imma do the i between of what everyone says about flushing and not flushing

  27. Keep in mind that flushing is bro science. They actually did a blind taste test and most chose the bud that was not flushed. I do not flush and feed them all the way up to chop.

  28. So I have read that flushing organic soil and nutrients is not good. But flushing salt based nutes is good. I seriously had read so many didn’t preferences lmao. Idk what to do. But where did you see this info?

  29. Do you still have a bunch of white pistols? I think I’m in the same stage. Not sure though cause it’s my first grow

  30. Yes but not to much .. the branches that have the budz are starting to get thick and heavy

  31. Nice, you should do some lollipopping to get some more energy going to the tops of the plant. Stuff on the bottom is wasting energy and not getting enough light, but besides that she looks good. after you chop her don’t do anything for a week to not stress her.

  32. That soil will burn my tips without any food. But every now and again some one like you shows some good looking plants that make me reconsider.

  33. Thanks! Yeah def try it out. I use cal mag iron, Silica, and nute trio including bembe, kale help, and the sledge hammer flush and I follow the feeding schedule and ph my water after I add my nutes.

  34. Wow nice. You didn’t mix anything with of , I get tip burn every time. But now that I’m using autos I might try a round with some again. Maybe they will like it. I’m using roots original now with down to earth amendments

  35. I actually do have tip burn unfortunately and can’t get it to go away to I been going a little less on the nute schedule. Make sure you follow the nutrient schedule

  36. Mine is 4 months into flower and she’s finally giving off some dank smell. Try and rub the stem between the nodes and then smell your finger.

  37. What tent are you using and type of light?

  38. Halte durch Bernd das Brot, der Sendeschluss geht nicht ewig

  39. Already being messed with 😅… I Will FIGHT YOU, SQUARE by GOD 👿

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