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I’m turning into an old man (early 40’s), but as a child of the 80’s…I still like my videogames and this is my setup tucked away in the home office. Mostly because the wife doesn’t want it anywhere else!

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  1. Mine goes 3 full days and then I need to charge it on the morning of the 4th usually. Update software and if not fixed go to apple

  2. Please define what you mean by great… this sub seems to call thinks like 24fps great so we need to know more

  3. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre recommended specs

  4. I’m just saying OP made a post and gave us 0 information.

  5. How many posts do we need in this sub? Just because something is a screen with a controller doesn’t mean it’s trying to compete with the Deck or the Switch…

  6. Steam deck is a lot heavier, and battery life is pretty shit. Not to mention the PS5 controller is a godsend

  7. We had a student die. Kid was on the basketball team. Typical jock typed and was a complete asshole to everyone not on the team. When he died, suddenly everyone loved him and he was the nicest guy. Felt bad for his family. They didn’t deserve the loss

  8. But keep buying them you fucking morons….

  9. This is fake, stupid, and ridiculously long.

  10. He’s a rather popular up and coming comic. This isn’t fake. You’re just dumb.

  11. Ok good but you can never be sure and still creepy as hell

  12. I'm seeing nintendo fans also shitting on it saying Sony is just copy nintendo again so not just this sub

  13. Everyone seems to be missing the entire purpose of the device. Remote play within your own home is a perfect use case, especially if the price of $199.99 holds true. This has some great application use for lots of people.

  14. Technically it shouldn't bother those users if they already own SD/Switch consoles and see this being thrown into the wild. I fucking exploded with laughter and said "I can already do that with my Deck if I want to." 😂😂😂

  15. I just don’t see why they’re being compared at all. Just because it’s a controller and screen doesn’t mean they’re in the Same category.

  16. Lmfao this post is so tone deaf. Every time a controller with a screen comes out this sub is so quick to justify their steam deck.

  17. “Cultural appropriation” seems to be mostly Americans getting offended for other cultures.

  18. i dont think this is a fair comparison. he asks american young people, then mexican old people. he shouldve asked mexican young people. bc im pretty sure if he asked american old people they wouldnt have cared as much either

  19. Uhh, do you know what a Mexican is?

  20. Both of these people are paying for Twitter blue.

  21. Inside sources on Jack shit. Your word means nothing. You’ve provided actual evidence of your claims that it’s a bad place to work 🤷‍♂️

  22. No, just an employee handbook that proves they violate workers rights laws by prohibiting discussion of wages. Which was also backed up by another employee posting the handbook as verification.

  23. They’re in Canada, and their laws are different. They’re not violating any laws by having that rule based on what I can find online. 🤷‍♂️ not sure why you have such a hard on for Linus but I’ll continue to wait for real damaging information.

  24. Speeding motorcycle doesn’t take the time to ride safely and hits pedestrian who was j-walking.

  25. The answer is stunning, and I don’t care.

  26. I’m pretty sure it’s the right that says the Ukraine is just a bunch of Nazis, not the left…

  27. But I thought all NFTs are scams? I don’t know anything about them and I haven’t done any research but they’re all scams and A7X are definitely scamming their fans right? /s

  28. Keep in mind this was not an advertised perk of buying an NFT from them and, yes, NFTs are inherently scams and bad for the environment.

  29. Glad they’re finally making good for their NFT scam lol. Not a bad trade.

  30. While higher resolution isn't needed, oled would actually be better for power usage.

  31. In darker scenes sure but in super bright scenes it consumes more power. Over all the switch had a negligible impact on battery either way with the OLED

  32. Man this cult of a subreddit is just full of constant posts of people trying to justify their purchase since the Ally was announced.

  33. Could do without the first 2 and a half mins or so. Still nervous about the rest of this album

  34. This is my private domicile and I will not be harassed... Bitch.

  35. Imagine being such a shitty or clueless driver that you think the truck was blameless in this. the motor home was just an idiot for not accepting the realities of driving a motorhome. but the trucker is still a massive idiot. Either way, the real person that need his license revoked is you for not knowing how to drive

  36. The truck in the left lane was moving at a higher rate of speed than the upcoming trucks in the right lane. He was about to make a pass. He is blameless. You do not know what you are talking about.

  37. OP mentioned that they are paid pretty well for what they do.

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