Biden calls for ban on all semiautomatic weapons.

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  1. Important question; can it be fucked?

  2. This story reminds me of Fuyao glass, a Chinese company that bought a factory in Ohio. The workers sent from China were brutally overworked, given no time off and forced to stay in Ohio for months. I’d really recommend anyone to watch

  3. I would ask for your opinion on interracial marriage but I think I know the answer.

  4. Only support chip makers from ethical countries

  5. Most of the chips in every electronic device you own came from China.

  6. That would be amazing, considering that China constitutes only about 16 percent of global semiconductor production.

  7. China is the currently the world’s largest semiconductor market in terms of consumption. In 2020, China represented 53.7% of worldwide chip sales, or $239.45 billion out of $446.1 billion.

  8. It makes it feel like we are being shown something very powerful when it’s just on its own but doesn’t really reflect what’s actually happening. What I mean is like when Trump had a rally and there was pictures taken that made it look like a whole stadium but when a photo was taken from behind you could see it was maybe 100 people not thousands. Or like when a storm hits an area so the news channel shows the one street that’s been flooded but from all different angles which makes you think the whole town has been flooded badly. That’s what this feels like when you just see the car driving slowly by, like the locals are over the BS and just carrying on with their lives. In no way am I saying that this video is bs propaganda as I truly don’t believe it is but seeing that car really… well, you said it best “wow”!

  9. Not sure why you’re downvoted. What you said is very level headed perspective.

  10. The Reddit brigade doing its thing, mob mentality at its worst.

  11. I’m robbing you at gunpoint, not out of entitlement, it’s within my interests to do so.

  12. You could try but I could also try to defend myself. And if we were both outside our armchairs I have no doubt that alone would constitute a deterrent.

  13. What about those who can’t or won’t defend themselves?

  14. Then why is 50% of Reddit about this douche? I’d argue it’s the opposite. People here are obsessed with him.

  15. Any publicity is good publicity, if you’re not hating someone who doesn’t know you exist, are you really achieving anything?

  16. The self driving software will be ready any day week year decade now.

  17. FSD is available in most Teslas, I use it every day with no issues so far

  18. He was acquitted by a Jury of his peers, Kyle is objectively not guilty. Thankfully the opinion of you people do not determine guilt or innocence.

  19. The free market is doing free market things, if you don’t like it feel free to offer those YouTubers more money to promote your product!

  20. I don't have a product to promote. Just find it funny that the gun community expects people to be morally good, then gives a pass to the big names when they aren't.

  21. I would definitely delete this as soon as you get this message

  22. At least some of them both had sights and used them. Clearly not amateurs anymore

  23. (CODE FOC FOR 40% OFF) and we're having a 🅱️atch made for here

  24. look up Mary Pelota, and then take a moment to realize how ignorant most of the people in this sub are. I'm staunchly pro-2A, but I refuse to vote for religious zealots, election deniers, and homophobes who disagree with my existence. I don't vote down party lines, and have never and will never exclusively vote Democrat, but I certainly will never vote for any Republicans or righ-wingers.

  25. There is no common ground with them. If you think there is, we’ll you may be a temporary gun owner as well.

  26. You should at least know about sentences before you are allowed to own a gun.

  27. What should you know about sentences before you are allowed to own a gun? You seem confused

  28. I forgot how poor I was, thankfully this post reminded me

  29. Some of those guys had been prisoners for three years. I couldn’t imagine

  30. I do! He says hello and he'll send you a copy of the next GTA game.

  31. You must know the guys from OWI, have they started working on Squad 2 yet?

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