1. Carlo replacing Kenright as chair…just throwing it out there.

  2. Better than any other tipped manager but maybe Bielsa. I think Bielsa would rile the supporters up and get us behind the team again, perhaps a bit more than Davide BUT I think it could be a more exciting appointment.

  3. At least gosling had that goal against the shite that no one saw cuz of itv unless you were there

  4. Lad, This is more likely to backfire on you than anything. Look at Barkley.

  5. The hardest football man to ever live going to a self proclaimed vegan football club in a new millennium.

  6. I find it funny that you mention Toronto and Montreal as reasons Ottawa is NOT lame. My answer to friends that have never been to Ottawa when they ask, "How is Ottawa?", I tell them that the most desirable thing about the city is that it is close to Montreal.

  7. We have the equivalent of zero spaces for live music. Bronson Centre is good but we need more SMALL mom and pop live music venues. Places where a small band can play with ease. Music cafes, jazz and blues clubs etc. etc.

  8. Futhermore: This city has a real problem with the loss of small, affordable commercial space that small venues, bars, cafes, restaurants could reasonably occupy and rent without being sunk by INSANE rent. We see often here and in a lot of NA cities that a big developer will come in, redevelop a whole block, half a block, or a high traffic corner and make the commercial space(s) too large and cavernous. They do this and the spaces sit empty for sometimes years until they secure a "Gold Star" tenant, Im talking a Starbucks, Tim Hortons, any sort of banking institution, a Shoppers, Rexall, LCBO, McDonalds, etc. These businesses that are cash cows for a landlord looking to charge +$50 per\sqft on some massive space, that is architecturally really only suited for a drugstore or bank.

  9. In the 20 years I've lived here,I can't recall times when the system was reliable during snow storms

  10. I just hate whoever bullied their graphic designer into making this godawful design. Highlighter yellow and ham and pea soup green, who knew this colour story could be told.

  11. To me, that’s the Conservative Party of Canada, so no.

  12. "Aw that's really cute!" chucks it fifty feet into a bin only to be crushed by a box of lead bars

  13. We have a lot of buildings in Ottawa that would be great for this style of development. Particularly at Tunneys pasture.

  14. Produce Depot is my favourite grocery store in the city, their online flyer usually has a good discount on something I need.

  15. The cashiers at Produce Depot seem to actually like their jobs. I do find the packaged groceries are more expensive, like canned tomatoes and beans. The produce and meat are well priced.

  16. Agreed, I mainly get packaged stuff from either Giant tiger or from middle Eastern places

  17. Between this sort of shit and the board running the club into the ground and absolute shit play on the pitch, this club is in the worst state it’s ever been. Makes it hard to keep on with the shit, or at the least continuing to care.

  18. Disgusting and part of the reason I'm fast loosing my interest entirely in footy.

  19. The legendary crouching Tiger, hidden swan?

  20. I keep my wife's boyfriend crouched behind her nightstand when I'm home. It's the only safe place.

  21. I dunno, looks like he could design a pretty cool new building, like a really modern new dentists office or orthodontic office or maybe like a building at a university for like a school of dentistry.

  22. Do you think people should just not order food when it snows in a snowy city and let drivers who need income to sit at home? Who does that help? The drivers? Uber? The businesses?

  23. Aren't the drivers choosing to operate as an Uber driver during this time?

  24. Do you choose to participate in the capitalist system? To be lured into working in unsafe conditions by a company that is incentivizing dangerous and harmful work?

  25. Seriously. Some carriers make us look like FedEx. Although, I could've done without the extra BS.

  26. I think that's the point of the post... I see signs like the first 50% of this message every day...

  27. Dang. Yeah we get a lot of holidays off too but that seems like a better deal than what we get.

  28. Anti-imperialist doesn't mean leftist, at all. Also this question is best asked in the Is X Sketch sticky because otherwise it's just retreading this topic for the fourth time.

  29. My apologies, I did do a cursory search on my phone but I'll give it a better look on my desktop when I have a second.

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