1. I don’t have an exact number, but I’m coming up on 10,000 days without shitting my pants

  2. It’s a roller coaster. You will recover from the initial withdrawals (aches, pains, extreme fatigue) anytime from 5-21 days, most likely. Then you might start to feel good, great even. But then the depression will kick in, you’ll still feel fatigued most days (but not as bad as the first few weeks).. but sprinkled in there will be days of joy. This stage will last months.. maybe years. I’ve never gotten out of this stage.. good luck.

  3. Didn’t see anything about meditation or cold showers. Those have helped me.

  4. I’ve been taking cold showers pretty consistently since I started this journey. If they’re doing anything positive, it’s not obvious. I’ve practiced meditation in the past and quite enjoyed it once I started to familiarize myself with the practice, i should definitely try it again.

  5. It’s a good story, I root for the kid… except for this week. I hope he ruins any chance he’s ever had at a starting job this week. I’m going to root against him like he’s Jayson Tatum

  6. You get over someone’s looks after sleeping with them a few times. If she’s not your type in bed, it will get old pretty quick, even if she’s a 10.

  7. Bengals shouldn't be favorites over the Eagles imo but I'm also biased af.

  8. Physics would tell you that the ball HAD To have been moving forward for it to have went as far as it did.

  9. Am I the only one who notices that Romo stops mid sentence to think about what he’s going to say to finish the sentence?

  10. Man, don’t spend any time feeling bad for millionaires while your franchise gets a great playoff win. Enjoy it.. rooting for you guys as long as you have Doug

  11. What started as an amazing high that would help me be charismatic, confident, creative, driven, etc became the cause of my depression, anxiety, lethargy and laziness. I got to a point where I was drinking 600-800 mg per day just to attempt to feel normal, most days it didn’t work.

  12. No matter how in the dumps I’ve been, I find that I’m only about 2-3 months from feeling invincible. I am also recovering from a bad, self destructive period. One day at a time. SR isn’t the structure, it’s the foundation.. you still have to build the house.

  13. Really good against the Rams? He was 6/10 for 42 yards lol weird to include that game as an example

  14. He made clutch plays that helped us seal the game in crunch time against a great Rams team after not seeing the field in any meaningful minutes all season.

  15. The Falcons game was pretty meh too, but the Vikings ands Pats games supports your argument. Such an unreal performance, I watch those game highlights like once ever other month still

  16. He was really good against the Rams and Giants, played poorly on a 10° Christmas night, then barely played at all against the Cowboys. This he played bad argument is honestly the epitome of WIP overreactions.

  17. SR is real. I made it to 150 days over the summer. Ended up hooking up with a Brazilian model. We dated for a few months, I started drinking, blowing loads and getting complacent and she dumped me. Anyone who doesn’t believe has never tried it for themselves.

  18. What model was she? Onlyfans model or Victoria secret model lol

  19. All I’ll say is that she has well over 100,000 followers on IG. But I’d like to keep our identities private.

  20. I was drinking 2 bang energy drinks by noon every single day for a few weeks, that’s when I realized I needed to stop completely. I’m on day 35 now, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The first month was BRUTAL, but there is paradise after the desert.

  21. YouTubers complaining about this sub is how I discovered it. They were bitching so hard and the whole time I was like, “that sun sounds awesome!”

  22. Honestly, we were never gonna get past Philly or SF. If we had made the playoffs, the season would have ended on a loss. This is perfect.

  23. Eagles fan here: not so sure about that. Our team looks ass right now without Lane Johnson and Hurts playing with his sprained shoulder.

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