1. I got a wedding cake auto from NASC for free and it was pure trash.

  2. They never labeled who the breeder was, I just know it was the free sample. Was planted 97 days and real buds never came

  3. Obviously he’s trash or you’re max height and wingspan and think you’re good lol regardless, easy 50 piece on ya head boii

  4. Lol never had that done, but some random is gonna do it huh?

  5. I made 6'9 and let me tell you he bodies 7'3 centers

  6. This is what happens when people say just make a shooter, rebounds and interior D don’t matter

  7. Naw I used the one for dry leaf.. ac infinity has them labeled

  8. That's a great choice,but it can be made with almost any type of oil. That's what I do with all of my shake,trim,etc and it's much better than paying for edibles at a dispensary

  9. I ordered some molds, I’m going to try and make some edibles like gummies and chocolate bars

  10. Coconut oil and try the gummy mix made by Levo. My wife used a coupon and scored a bunch. Share with your friends and earn points for more gummy mixes.

  11. Definitely going to google this, I was actually just looking the Levo II machine..

  12. That looks like perlite, to me. You’d have to give one of those white deposits a crush, then go dig one out of your soil and crush that, for comparison. If that’s a match, then you need to figure out how it’s making it onto your grow.

  13. Besides 60/60 I think 3 fans might be too much.

  14. That’s what I’m trying to get but I can’t get either there

  15. Ok thanks, I have a 1 year old who goes by anything he see and I didn’t want that lizard to bite him and me trying to find ways to get rid of the lizard. I’ll let them be as long as they stay out the house.

  16. Awesome grow for autoflows. I agree with the other people that you should try growing photoperiod plants. If you don't smoke much then there's no point. If you find yourself running dry off your autoflows, then photo plants are way better.

  17. This was my first time growing auto flowers, these are too much of a headache. I prefer Photos as they are more forgiving and cheaper to grow. I was just experimenting this time with autos as people made it seem like a super easy deal that is done quick

  18. Wedding cake is the bigger ine the middle, the others are XL Devil and amnesia Haze

  19. That is the term I was looking form, couldn’t think of what it was called

  20. Hairy ,larfy , airy - No real buds formed Looks exactly like your pic.

  21. That’s some baby back bullshit, well I wonder how it smokes

  22. Mine didn't seem to produce any frost at all . Tester bowls I smoked got me slight high . (Day 10 of dry)

  23. Yea mine has no frost either just a waste of nutes and water

  24. I could give af what he made the build for its a shit build. My opinion that I'm allowed to have. You like the build so much they make one urself and get smoked in the park like the bum you are.

  25. I have a pure defensive build like this and I score 12-16 a game off dunks and I pick up on guards who think they gone dribble and shoot 3’s locking they weak ass up.

  26. Yea I was going off the times they had on the sites, lesson learned.. I thought something was wrong with the plant and got nervous

  27. I can’t tell if this is how the buds look or I have multiple weeks till harvests… they have looked like this for awhile now

  28. Definitely not fade. More likely a ph issue

  29. That doesn’t mean your root zone is 6.0. Check the ph of your run off or do a slurry test.

  30. Ppm this morning was 1152 and ph 5.81, I’m not concerned with the leaves, I’m just wondering why it’s not in full flower

  31. I see amber but can't tell if it's on the buds or sugar leaves. Looks like you could chop now or another week

  32. To help us help you please include some details on the following (if you haven't already)

  33. Bet, I'll send you my 2-way stretch glass cleaner you may like too

  34. Rain is good but I would avoid it once you start to flower. Also make sure not to roll your plants into the same room where your indoor plants are just for pest prevention.

  35. I’ll going to keep them outside, just roll them under the porch

  36. Oh nice. Are you thinking auto flowers or photo period?

  37. So do y’all look at the watt output the 150 and not the 1500 on the light?

  38. Probably because The quantum boards are cheaper, but viparspectra in itself has good pricing,

  39. I appreciate it, I’m still trying to learn the ins and out to get bigger buds and better yields. I didn’t know if the lights I had were too weak

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