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  1. Would y’all recommend starting nuttes immediately or wait a few weeks after it pops the ground

  2. Did y’all trim wet or dry? I wet trimmed and read that it will dry faster. I’m at 52%rh and 70 degrees

  3. Wet trim definitely dries faster. I sort of do a hybrid where I let them dry for a couple of days so they aren't crazy sticky, then trim and finish them on a drying rack. Works for me.

  4. I just checked and they are getting pretty dry, I don’t want them super dry and then it messes up my cure

  5. What's the name of that mesh tower thing in the first picture? Assuming it's used to dry instead of hanging the bud.


  7. I don't use them - the key is jarring with the correct amount of moisture content remaining. If you jar them and RH% remains under 50%, you've over-dried and interrupted the cure. Humidty packs will re-hydrate and help a little bit, but the curing process has already been affected. Regardless what their marketing states, I think humidity packs negatively affect terps and I prefer not to use them at all for curing/storage.

  8. What hygrometers do you use for individual jars? I’d rather buy once and cry once

  9. I actually have some of those I use for my older weed that I buy

  10. Thc is a non polar molecule, so can only dissolve into another non polar molecule.

  11. I want to make shatter and crumble, but I don’t want to mess with butane and risk blowing myself up

  12. I need boxing games and football games to enjoy it. I wanna walk around and shoot people too

  13. Definitely learned from this grow. I learned never to take plants from the tent and put them outside in 100 degree heat. These were just a pain, and because of the color before trimming I thought they might have mold. I have another grow ready to cut tomorrow that was indoors and the yield is better.

  14. VIPARSPECTRA P1500 LED Grow Light I have 2 in my tent and they produced some nice looking plants. I’ve only done 1 grow

  15. Let me get it, or I’ll be forced to hand out stone cold stunners

  16. I used to put mine on buckets and whatever to steady it. I recently got a cell phone tripod that the mount for the microscope fits in and it hold it good.

  17. Mine did come with a tripod, never thought about using it though because I have to still get in my grow tent and hold the phone. Gonna give it a try

  18. the low temp damages most of the visual terps. that and combination of no trimming. I say trim what there, and use it for either oils or edibles :/

  19. I’ve been looking for YouTube videos on what to so with trimming and stuff

  20. is gorilla glue also more leaf than bud? i have one growing (auto) and I had dreams.. :(

  21. I’m about to purchase some gorilla glue auto for my indoor

  22. I took everything out and vacuumed out the pit and unplugged from the wall 15 minutes and seems to be working fine again

  23. Yea the code went away and came back… if ran out of pellets but I refilled and nothing

  24. At week 5 it would have been better to flush and then start with half dose nutes. Cause week 6 is week they use a lot of P/K to pack on the size to the buds. You're essentially going 4+ weeks with no fodd for your plant.

  25. I wish you were here when I was having issues a few weeks ago. I just fed them jacks 321 half, I guess I’ll experiment to see if that keeps leaves from duing

  26. You cut out your nutes during the 2 most crucial weeks when they pack on a lot of their size.

  27. I had leaves dying and people were telling me I had nute lockout and to just use pH water with molasses

  28. They get a lot of shit on here but I used fastbuds my first few grows. Cheap enough beans that it's not a big loss if you dick something up. If no interest in that then I'd go straight for night owl, Mephisto, ethos, gnome automatics. All good breeders.

  29. I keep hearing about Knight owl, I’m going to check them out. Are autos feminized?

  30. In general, yes, but this is not always the case. Most seedbanks/breeders list them as such e.g. 10 feminized autos or just 10 autos. Nightowl is on point, not a lot of bad said about them. Same with Meph and gnome automatics. Fastbuds gets mad hate cause they're not breeders more just resellers, but the beans are cheap and the ones I grew turned out pretty damn decent.

  31. So people don’t like fast buds because they resale other breeders seeds? That’s foolish, especially if they stuff is good

  32. It’s hard to keep still and hold the phone. My arm be shaking like booty meat

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