1. YTA and really transparently insecure about and jealous of your roommate. Grow up.

  2. My kid started talking but now I can’t hear The Price is Right so I gag her. Is this a good move?

  3. Dudes spitting truth bombs. A refreshing bit of honesty from a TTC employee compared to the general indifference they usually display.

  4. NTA but you are a fool. He’s fooling around, get a lawyer.

  5. YTA she’s a teenage girl navigating a terrifying and new social situation with unknown people. She’s also part of a community that is frequently the victim of violent hate crimes. Protect your daughter with your experience, strength and wisdom by helping her come out safely to your extended family.

  6. Adjust your policies to appeal to single female voters.

  7. It’s me, I’m still laughing every time one of you antivaxx clowns dies on a ventilator.

  8. There is a 100% chance cannabis was involved in the formulation of this dudes theory.

  9. I would love to see her run a room with 15 kids on different nap schedules half of them still in diapers with only one other person helping you. Good luck sis!

  10. Drug users will continue to use wether we provide safe injection infrastructure or not continuing to negatively effect community safety, well being and cleanliness. With safe injection infrastructure we reduce, overdoses, and the spread of disease reducing strain on our health care and first responder system. It also saves people’s lives.

  11. YTA terrible hosts. “Come in, welcome to my home don’t move any fucking pillows!!!”

  12. It would be if OP got her name right. It’s actually Viola Desmond.

  13. Davis was her maiden name it’s a common mistake.

  14. Just tell us you hate fat people and leave OP. When you do leave make sure you drive thought because only 6.5% of Americans walk to work which is a significant contributor to the sedentary life style of the average American.

  15. The fact that a potential doubling of child support seems to be the primary concern he has regarding losing 50/50 custody is very illuminating.

  16. I managed a resturaunt near where they filmed suits and she and the cast and crew would sometimes come for lunch. She was always lovely and super nice to the servers and seemed to genuinely get along with the crew pretty well.

  17. Anyone can sit there but you have to surrender it to anyone more in need of it then you.

  18. The TTC literally has its own police force and they don’t seem to make much of a difference so I doubt security guards would change anything.

  19. Oh your abusive husband is a police officer?!? I’m so, so, shocked by this revelation!

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