1. And there is a story about dead reach women who had lived there on the island. There was the same reason money. Maybe these gays are reach cause they are taking old ladies money. This is only an speculation.

  2. I didn't catch that. Who mentioned the dead ladies? I suspect the guys may be who ends up dead.

  3. What are the Italian guys up to? I have a feeling that they are going to bankrupt that poor lady.

  4. Dude there’s steroid users already in the hall lol.

  5. That's not a reason to add more. That's like saying there are murderers on the streets, so we should let all murderers out of prison.

  6. So just one? And isn't that based on a supposed leak of an internal document that has not been made public? I'm not saying he didn't use. But there is going to be a different level of ridicule for a player like Binds or McGwire. Both have admitted to using, and we have details on that. All we know about Ortiz is that his name was on a list that apparently hasn't been made public.

  7. No such thing as a HOF lock. Injuries can happen to anyone. I would have bet on Nomar Garciaparra for example.

  8. It's a shame that Nomar faded so quickly. Dude has a .313 career batting average. But all of those injuries hurt his counting stats. He was around 6 to 7 WAR for most of his time in Boston. But his WAR/162 is just 40th among shortstops. His total WAR ranks 25th. Interestingly, Arenado's WAR/162 ranks 7th, and all of the guys ahead of him are in the Hall. Arenado is 19th among third basemen in total WAR. He should catch Boyer and Nettles in a few years. Of course, neither of those guys are in the Hall. I believe there's a good case for Nettles.

  9. Nomar never won 8 straight gold gloves.. bet he will make it ten straight. I think he’s a lock already with 8 though

  10. The awards are nice! I think they are a factor in the minds of voters. WAR incorporates defensive metrics, too, but I am not sure how well it credits players like Arenado. Defense is obviously a big chunk of Ozzie Smith's career WAR. But Keith Hernández won 11 Gold Gloves. And he's not in. Of course, Arenado is a better hitter than Hernández, who played much of his career during a period where homers weren't as common.

  11. I don't see them spending money anywhere with concerns about catcher, the outfield, shortstop, or the starting rotation.

  12. LOL. When was the last time they signed a free agent to a deal with an AAV over $15 million?

  13. I was thinking of Fowler. Forgot about Leake. Neither of those turned out well for us. I'm ready for some DeGrom.

  14. I picked up a box of baseball cards about 10 days ago at South Orlando Sports Cards. Other than that, I am in the market for a nice djembe drum. But I have no idea if there's a local business that sells them.

  15. Tax districts never lower their rates. This is wishful thinking.

  16. I'm a former local government reporter who has attended hundreds of city council meetings in multiple cities. Do you know what the rollback rate is?

  17. Rollback rate is just legalese. All it means is if property values decrease like after the Great Recession then property tax rates rise to compensate for the decrease in property value.

  18. But it works both ways. When property values increase, rates often drop. You said they never drop. The whole point is to address the person worried about property taxes. As long as taxing districts use the rollback rate, things will stay the same. Will they? I don't know. Almost all of the cities I covered routinely used the rollback rate for the new tax rate.

  19. I used a stream a few weeks ago for an NFL game. Within hours, someone had hacked my Google, got my credit card log in, spammed my email and paid off my credit cards. Presumably, they paid off my cards with a stolen bank account and intended to buy things on my CC. I noticed the pending payments and shut off my cards.

  20. Yep. Still getting lots of emails. They must have a way to get your email into a list. I had messages coming in from all over the world. I was signed up for newsletters and all kinds of shit. I got one today asking me to support some muslim organization trying to free people who are in U.S. custody. They do that so you might miss any fraud alerts.

  21. I also do not see green bean casserole, sweet potato, or cranberry sauce. Is that BBQ sauce on ham?

  22. Two years late to this party, but you nailed how I feel. I have a teenage daughter, and she is within earshot. I have muted about 10 minutes of some episodes due to multiple graphic sex scenes.

  23. I hate to be asking dumb questions. But the vegan part has me baffled. Is this a cranberry sauce or something that you're pouring over lettuce?

  24. Posting about this building is boomer as hell.

  25. My god, why are people now targeting generations with their divisiveness? Have we run out of other ways to separate society? The Boomers are now 60-80 years old. Criticizing old people? What next? Kick them in the grocery store parking lot?

  26. People criticize (American) boomers because they are the most selfish, short-sighted generation that has ever walked the earth. They’re the generation that supported Reagan, fought two wars while cutting taxes, blew up the world economy twice, trapped a generation of young people into non-dischargeable student debt traps, and voted twice in favor of the orange man-child.

  27. So my mom is selfish because of when she was born? Makes sense. Boomers are responsible for the Hippie movement that ended the Vietnam War. They were much more liberal than previous generations. They elected Clinton, the most fiscally responsible president in the last half century, to two terms. They elected Obama, the first non-white president, to two terms. They voted to recognize same-sex marriage.

  28. It is beginning to sound more and more like the prosecutor simply wanted to control the media and public discourse by not allowing anyone to know the facts.

  29. I can buy a pizza from a real pizza place for less than their price for a DiGiorno. Some of their lunch meat is now $13 a pound.

  30. I am sure she will wait until Thanksgiving passes. It will give her time to consider all matters, and it will allow families to observe the holiday in peace.

  31. You could wait until they are gone and bust open the door to rescue the dog. But I would fear getting caught by the police.

  32. This was done by someone who is unhinged. That's all I know. This is not a crime of passion. This is not revenge. This is pure evil. It is laughable to me that people have been making wild guesses about people close to the girls. An angry ex-boyfriend wants to get away with murder. That type of crime would involve getting a girl alone. This person sneaked into a house late at night and violently murdered four people. And it sounds like he was careless and sloppy.

  33. When that skit was written, it was a message of warning. Now it's a life goal.

  34. That’s my family’s business, clicked this thread to see if anyone would mention it haha

  35. I was in there with my green Subaru last spring. I couldn't get my AC to work. I had some other issues. The prices were much more reasonable than other shops, and they work was done well. And the customer service was great. They weren't able to fix the AC, but they narrowed down what it could be. I took it to the dealership, and they misdiagnosed the problem and charged me for it. I found a great place in the Maitland area. It wasn't a fancy place by any means. But they had the words AC and electric in the name. I think it was called Pop's. They confirmed what Agner told me. It was an electrical issue. Easy fix. They replaced the control panel for the AC/heat. That did the trick.

  36. You are suggesting that Jack may be involved because he was not on the cleared list. But Jake also was not on the cleared list. Thus, you can conclude that not being on the cleared list is not reason to suspect involvement in a crime.

  37. That’s judicious use of the transitive property. The only ones being considered are the ones in Moscow. Jack is tied with direct involvement with the calls. They would have easily came out and said he’s not a suspect if he wasn’t being considered.

  38. Actually, I was explaining that the other person was using a fallacy to prove a point. His premise is that not being on the list of cleared individuals makes you a suspect. But lots of people were not mentioned as cleared. That's simply not enough. It proves nothing. You can suspect all you want. But it's just wild speculation at this point.

  39. The fact that he didn't want to say where they were located leads me to believe that it wasn't what you'd expect. Most of us would expect the couple to be together on one floor and the two other girls to be together on another floor. I'm having a really tough time imaging any other scenario.

  40. I think because if Ethan or xana were found outside the bedroom that would mean they disturbed the killer and that’s why they were killed. If they were all in their bedroom it would mean they didn’t disturb him and he specifically went into their bedroom to kill them, which in turn would mean not one specific person was targeted and the murder wasn’t because of one specific situation that made the murderer angry but rather targeted at the group which would lead the the thought that it was more random and more about killing itself than killing someone’s specific

  41. Were any of the Virginia basketball players on the bus during the shooting? I hope not. An experience like that can affect a person. My heart goes out to the UVA community. What a great couple of teams. This is going to be entertaining.

  42. It's a shame that the business is closing. But the best pie in Orlando is sold at Sister Honey's. And they never have a line.

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