1. You can still leave the edges dry and put more water in than that, that's too dry

  2. Just added more water. Thanks for the affirmation! I was really thinking I over watered somehow so I tried to dry it up by sifting some of the dry soil around. 😵

  3. Also it may be a good idea to sift out the bigger chunks in your soil.. good luck!

  4. I use feminized seed spray on a female to make all female seeds.. but theirs the traditional, use a male plant, too..

  5. Double grape obviously see how they cling on the the last remaining nugs

  6. Haha. It was also one of my first plants. Been hording the last of it a while now 🤣

  7. It's hard to pick one but.. Double Grape. Tho strawberry nuggets and Ripley's also are amazing. But so is the wedding cake 😂. I like pot ...

  8. It's just got some funky genes. Where'd you get the seed? It's not a completely stable variety. But it will more than likely grow out and be normal. Might get a few more odd ball things happen with it. Watch for it to herm

  9. When I make my own seeds I try to sprout double what I want and I pull all the plants that have "defects". I make female seeds so I just pick best looking plants after a week or 2 and toss the rest.

  10. Don’t know much about recharged but I do know you can give molasses with every watering without a problem

  11. Any suggestions for a specific brand of silica nutes? Was considering power si bloom as I use the normal for veg

  12. Organic silica isn't very common. So I add vermiculite to my mix. It has natural silica in it. If you aim for organic growing.. like I think everyone should lol

  13. 100% nute deficiency. Might be caused by a few things.. lock out due to PH issues. No micronutrients.. i.e. iron, magnesium and calcium. Or it could just need regular nutes. I'd give it a little of each. Molasses has all the right micronutrients in it. Make sure the PH of your water is under around 6.5 and always dechlorinate it for a day first if you use tap water

  14. You can't really do a proper mainline with a clone since you want only two nodes with equal apical dominance. Wich is only possible from seeds, since clones grow offset nodes. But what you're doing looks like good training, just not a real mainline.

  15. I agree. This is LST not mainlining. You need one straight stalk to mainline. You can from a clone.. but not this clone

  16. Ok so I have pipe cleaners, would that work as a better option than a zip tie?

  17. Noooo pipe cleaners are bad for the branches. Use garden wire or you'll need to adjust them every few days

  18. Mine looks just like that. Also just trimmed it up. Haven't tried it yet tho. Maybe 2 more days

  19. Tastes a little peppery. Its good but not my favorite taste or smell.. Tho.. the high is fantastic.

  20. Did you check trichs? Looks a bit early imo

  21. Yes. Right toward the end it shot a few new white hairs oddly. But shes def ready. No clear trics in sight.

  22. It looks like you topped and LST? Who’s genetics? I like the short/ bushiness of it!

  23. Just topped this one. Started to flower the next day lol. Never got big enough to lst. But it is a cool little plant!

  24. Predater mites. They happen in my organic soil all the time. They never damage the plants. I let them be unless I treat for anything else, then they get whacked too.

  25. The blue light shining on it kinda out does its natural color, but cool pic

  26. How do you run into pH issues with organics? I've been reading you don't need to watch pH because it will balance itself because nature. Going to be doing organics and dry amendments on my next run so I wanna make sure I get the right info...

  27. Its the microbes that adjust the ph of the soil without need for ph down. The dry amendments have nothing to do with it.

  28. She’s beautiful! I’m trying to grow MS in a DWC. What nutrients did you use?

  29. How do you keep her in veg so long? Do you only go veg spectrum for the first few weeks? My issue is they already in flower just after I top her, and then she fly’s straight into buds. Let me know pls, cause I’ve got 3 seedlings I’d love to get this big. I’ve got light power to run 3 this size..

  30. I did start them for 2 weeks under just blue lights. A small 20watt 4 headed gooseneck led. I start lst before I top and I think the light amount of stress real early, the blue light early, PLUS I think a big part is also watering very small amounts more often, all play a role in extending the veg time. 80° temp 70% humidity. Good genetics helps a lot.. Mephisto.

  31. I just checked my tags and I was off a week. Perpetual grow so i get dates mixed up in my head all the time. They are at D57 now and it started flowering a few days ago so about D55. It’s 3X the size of the others

  32. Nice. All 3 of my different plants got pretty big but the MS is on another level lol. Good luck!

  33. Is that a 5gal? Double grape never ceases to amaze me

  34. Thank you! I'm still slightly in awe that I grew this. It smells So nice. And it looks like I may get a half Lb. from her. My skywalker wasn't nearly this big and I got 95-100 grams off that one laat week. I wish you could smell thru your phone. Someday..

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