1. "Use me". I don't know, it makes me feel selfish and lonely. Like I'm there by myself.

  2. Good, because I wanted to feel it drip down my throat too.

  3. A nice healthy load to the back of the throat for a good cock sucker

  4. Fuck if there are more on the go let's get all my holes dripping.

  5. It took me 7 years to graduate college. My first two years were rough. All Cs Ds and Fs when i used to be an honor highschool student. I just ran out of steam and by the end of my second year, depression set in and it was F after F with professors telling me to change my major or just drop out (one, dismissively, told me to become a cop). My mental health was in the garbage and I don't have the type of family I can go to with these kinds of problems. I took a year of purely elective courses just to calm down and decide what I wanted to do. A year turned into two and I ended up changing how I aproached learning by actually enjoying the process and not stressing about the result. My GPA went up an entire point and I even managed to make new friends that I still have with me today at 34.

  6. Ricky Gervais. Just predictable bits and fake high-pitched laughs.

  7. Gonna keep my bedroom window open tonight for no particular reason👀

  8. I imagine the tape measure snapping back would hurt.

  9. It makes more sense but I like the classic look better

  10. Not if I have anything to say about it!

  11. More buds should help out with their throat pussies

  12. Gross! Only jam and eggshells in my burgers

  13. A few things actually ☺️ mostly some clothes and such 🤷‍♀️might see some of them in an upcoming shoot actually!

  14. I'm sure they'll look gorgeous on you😘

  15. If they're not into it then I'm not into it, so chew me up like an over-cooked steak.

  16. Strobe light. Makes me feel like a claymation puppet

  17. This one has me curious; as in I wonder whether there are any women out there who like men into their pits too ?

  18. Probably. I can't be the only one that's really sensitive to pheromones

  19. I love when women have a small "belly", like, when wearing a tube dress, and their belly sticks out a bit, it's very sexy to me for some reason, compared to a completely flat stomach.

  20. Mine are dark circles under the eyes and laugh-lines.

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