1. What about internal hammers, like in the Ruger LCP Max?

  2. I'm hoping that Bout's release translates to lower ammo and reloading component prices.

  3. This is our only hope to keep 7.62x39 prices from going any higher.

  4. Am I the only one that is completely "over" Brandon and Donut?

  5. I feel like Brandon as a trending cultural icon will pass in time. That's OK, his actual bigger plan is to be a gun inventor/manufacturer. But I think GunTube will breed some genuine legends who will always be considered indispensable sources of firearms media. Ian, for example, will still be a source for generations to come.

  6. Statistically, manual transmissions account for about 3% of new auto sales and I feel like manually operated guns are roughly the same size niche. Don't get me wrong: I love the classics, no hate from me. But I think manual action guns and stick shifts are both a dying breed.

  7. Why tf are people downvoting this like you said you agree with kanye or sum shit, ur right, they're both kind of a dying breed and both really fun

  8. Exactly, I'm not hating on either type of manual. I'm just saying that, like it or not, they're both kind of a shrinking niche. Maybe the next generation can turn that around? Or maybe they're just designs whose time has passed? Time will tell but I love them either way.

  9. On the topic of rebellious songs, I get the feeling people think John Mellencamp is boomer cheesy but I think "Authority Song" is legendary. At any moment, "Authority Song" is playing on a jukebox somewhere in America, you can't deny the classics.

  10. I went down a bit of a rabbit hole after hearing that the MR-73 revolver ate 100 rounds of .357 Magnum every day for a month

  11. Very good info, thank you for posting this! Any reason to watch Forgotten Weapons is fine by me. Cheers!

  12. Conventional wisdom: Marry AR, fuck AK, kill G3. That's the safe, vanilla, wear Dockers and drive a Civic answer. But if you're willing to live on the wild side: marry AK, fuck G3, kill AR. Life is an adventure.

  13. ......I think..... I think I just fell in love with you.

  14. I feel like you can spec out an AK with current year, force-multiplier accoutrements and that's like the wild girl who used to smoke a lot of weed and party growing up and becoming ring-worthy but still keeping a crazy side. G3 is like a hot European who is fun for a romp but is too oddball to marry. And AR is the 6.5/10 Karen-in-training every guy at your high school reunion wound up marrying and you feel glad you didn't lock down.

  15. Except they never came to the realization.... or they knew all along.

  16. If your job description is obliterating the Constitution while murdering dogs, you HAVE to know you're evil at some point. I really believe ATF are dead to the soul.

  17. Bet they had to watch their diets while filming that movie...don't wanna be the first one to fart in the other actors mouth

  18. The rounds in a tube mag aren't eating each other's poo. The only thing eating poo is the receiver in a DI gun.

  19. If this is what holiday togetherness looks like, I'm going to vomit my peppermint bark and eggnog.

  20. Do those exist in reality yet? I haven't seen any hands-on reviews or reports from buyers. I was under the impression they were still a few years away. I'm a fan, I hope they're great guns.

  21. I’m gonna go out in a limb and assume you’ve been rewatching the Simpsons recently lol

  22. M14 is the worst rifle for jungle fighting in history? My source:

  23. Watch the garand thumb special where he mud tests a bunch of rifles. The m14 was the first one to fail.

  24. Absolutely. Sometimes the truth gets downvoted, what can you do?

  25. NGL, I was pretty impressed to see what a strong gun culture Czech Republic seems to have. Having said that, if you don't think the majority of Europe (including the EU) is extremely socialist and hostile to natural rights, you're kidding yourself. There's nowhere in the world where our God-given rights are enshrined in the nation's founding documents the same way they are in America. I appreciate that some European countries are slightly more based than others but a lot of the "hey, we have guns, too!" attitude from Euros shooting low-capacity sporting shotguns and airsoft is cope.

  26. It's shocking people this stupid and historically ignorant could exist but the "education" system makes us this clueless on purpose.

  27. Of all GoT factions, the Wildlings under Mance Rayder were the only one whose politics and ideology I really respected. You can say his stubborn refusal to bend the knee to Stannis was stupid but, to quote Mance himself, "The freedom to make my own mistakes was all I ever wanted." That was a stand for liberty, no doubt.

  28. This is why you are my favorite redditor.

  29. Thank you, my friend! Never bend the knee, fight on against all odds. Cheers!

  30. Are you, by any chance, familiar with a gentleman named Scott aka Kentucky Ballistics?

  31. Diehard comics fan here, I love this meme. I grew up loving Batman, he's still one of my all-time favorite characters but his ridiculous "no killing" rule is absurd. Even within continuity, it gets to such bizarre extremes, it's like he's protecting society's most disgusting monsters because his rule is more important than human lives. Red Hood (when he's written well) is a much better character, IMO. Jason has been through hell and back and his crimefighting methods aren't just edgy boi bullshit, he has dimensions, I really appreciate his character.

  32. The darkest edge of the Punisher in this respect is he doesn't kill just killers. He also kills Pedophiles (deserved,) rapists, drug dealers, con artists sometimes. Over the years he's killed people who genuinely didn't deserve it just for being tied to people who do.

  33. Very interesting perspective. This is true, Punisher is not a pure hero. He does have a self-sacrificial aspect which is heroic but his lethal methods extend even beyond those who deserve being killed. I can't disagree.

  34. Doesn’t it save more gas the faster you go

  35. Did this well over a year ago way before it became a guntuber thing because I liked the idea of helping preserve nature. I gotta say it has lead to a fuck ton of immaturity on my part. I went around the office knighting people and dubbing them Sir Ossis of Liver and what not. Plus it’s only 50 bucks. You get to help preserve nature. I actually enjoy it because it’s a great conversation starter for patients when they come in and I have a lot of immature moments with it.

  36. Everyone agrees but they are too polite to say anything: The crown and scepter are a bit much.

  37. The guys who really got it rough were the battle rifle enthusiasts who were trying to normalize the transition from .308 to 6.5 Creedmoor

  38. Yeah, the 6.5 Creedmoor fanatics have a lot of good points in their favor... when you're looking at the ballistics data on paper. But IRL, I never want to pay those prices. That has to be a determining factor, money doesn't grow on trees.

  39. This thread is sad. Not being a reloader, I have a lot of sympathy for my weird caliber homies who bought a rifle chambered in an uncommon round who are being crushed by these ammo prices.

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