1. I'd like to be able to buy a commentary free broadcast via streaming service. I'm so sick of people explaining to me what I can see with my own eyes.

  2. I’m pretty sure F1TV has an FX option that turns off commentary.

  3. I’d probably start with a used entry level wheel like the Logitech G29, Thrustmaster T150 or similar models if you can find one. With a budget of $1000 you can definitely get something better right away, but I’d recommend something cheap to figure it if you actually enjoy sim racing.

  4. Why not just say “Max Verstappens team quits simrace after netcode causes 6 minutes worth of repairs”

  5. Because it’s an F1 news site where the average reader will have no clue what “netcode” is. I think it’s a fair description of what happened that people without simracing knowledge can understand.

  6. It’s a joke that this is still such a big issue for multiple countries. So many other series - big ones too - just offer a free broadcast on YouTube or their own website.

  7. I‘m sure any sim racing developer would kill to have your superior knowledge.

  8. It shouldn’t be the mapper’s responsibility to make the default textures more visible.

  9. 60 is fine as long as the game is fun. Pople here calling out the price but probably were the ones pre-ordering forspoken for 80

  10. 60 might be fine if it wasn’t littered with microtransactions, which are basically confirmed considering 2K is behind it.

  11. Looks interesting. I might check it out, but making streaming mandatory sucks.

  12. I'm in the US but I'm over here like what you have to pay to use a cart? Haven't seen that yet...

  13. You get the quarter back when you return the cart. Basically every supermarket in Germany uses this system and it works well. It’s very rare to see people leave their carts scattered in the parking lot.

  14. I‘m pretty sure that’s not public info before the race. Teams would publish way too much of their strategy by announcing this info.

  15. There’s already some wrong information in this thread.

  16. Do you have any knowledge on the WEC race replay availability? My work day tomorrow is the entire race, so bummed.

  17. The official app has the qualifying replay available right now. I can’t say for sure, but I would assume they will have the race replay as well. It does require a subscription though.

  18. PayPal is usually really in favor of the customer. You could contact the seller directly, but I’d open a case through PayPal to save myself time.

  19. The amount of people in this thread who don’t understand the math on the sign is a good indicator that teachers should be paid more.

  20. Na, das erklaere ich dir lieber nicht. ^__~

  21. It depends on what you’re trying to do. I personally use it for managing pit stops (adding fuel, selecting tyres, tear-off, quick repair).

  22. On my first playthrough of each of the games, I only played each map once before repeating any. I actually don’t think I have 100% on any map. If I see a challenge that I don’t enjoy, I won’t try to complete it.

  23. Or in reality they both were cheating and are cooperating on a cover up

  24. I'm not going to give my opinion on your theory at all, but the game doesn't even have an anti-cheat.

  25. So if they seemingly don’t care; it makes even less sense to me why they (the devs) would reach out to esports drivers to do their testing.

  26. The statement does not specify if the devs initiated the investigation or if the drivers acted on their own and then shared their findings with Codemasters/EA.

  27. Ever since I stopped following them in late 2021, I forget that they exist until reminded of.

  28. They had some really good racing so far this season with the new cars. Might be worth checking out again if you were interested before.

  29. Kann hier zufälligerweise jemand einen solchen Tracker fürs Fahrrad empfehlen? Die, die ich so gefunden hab, scheinen zu groß oder zu einfach, zu entdecken.

  30. In der Größe, die du laut deinen anderen Kommentaren suchst, gibt es soweit ich weiß nichts Brauchbares. Ich habe da vor einiger Zeit selbst relativ viel recherchiert und nichts in der Größe gefunden, was nicht entweder eine sehr kurze Akkulaufzeit oder sehr schlechten Empfang hat.

  31. That’s absurd. 44 (up to 48 even, according to the article) junior drivers with little to no experience in open wheel racing is a recipe for constant safety car usage.

  32. Read again. They specifically said not to do a chargeback on Steam because of the risk of an account ban.

  33. Ok but it’s basically the same punchline? The outrage over Perez‘ comment is ridiculous.

  34. Barely passed means he passed mate

  35. Barely passing isn’t the issue. If you need to do it in 5 seconds and manage it in 4.99, you’re fine.

  36. this makes it look like we're 6 points ahead of Bayern when we'll very likely be tied again after tomorrow

  37. I think it’s pretty clear what the graphic is trying to express.

  38. You got good answers already, but I just want to add that you can’t test cars that were released in the current season. New cars are usually added to Test Drive at the end of the season in which they were released.

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