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  1. I prefer to call him hampter as well

  2. I kept getting blown up by invisible ap Elise spiders a few days ago. Now I know why.

  3. Honestly the hook is pretty easy to dodge if you position correctly, it is EXTREMELY demanding though because it's range is massive. His take a breather is crazy though, the ability for him to walk out into the middle of no where take a fuckton of damage only to press one button to be completely fine again is kinda nuts

  4. The hook range is definitely what gets me the most. Just when I think I'm safe enough to do some damage I get hooked from the moon.

  5. In league you only get a soft reset once a year, overwatch does it 6x a year. A lot of players don't play every day and so it takes them a long portion of the season to play the 60ish games necessary to align your shown rank and MMR. This can make people feel like they're never progressing since 60 games of ranked might leave them with only 2 weeks left to actually see progression.

  6. Shorter seasons are a good point, also the series to see if you rank up or not is pretty bad on top of that. The more I think about the more it seems like all the worst parts of league ranking.

  7. My understanding was that g-sync/free sync are what facilitates a communication between monitor and gpu while Vsync is kind of just a best effort to keep fps aligned with refresh rate, without specific instructions being sent between devices. But maybe I'm underestimating Vsync tech.

  8. Check my comment history from today about overwatch stuff to get an idea of what's going on. If you're not already aware of the bugs and how bad things are, I give a lot of context within various comments.

  9. I've never spent a cent in OW except when I bought the game. Not gonna start not. Just wish I played more ow1 now lol.

  10. Yeah, this sentiment is only 1-2 steps removed from “if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best”

  11. It definitely feels like a 14 year old's "I'm so weird and quirky xD rawr" Tumblr. But like... modern?

  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but couldn't you wait until it's fully dried before you turn it back on since their is no electricity and therefore it wouldn't break?

  13. You should wait until its dry to turn it on for best odds of success here, not that the odds of this working are high. But even with a powered off laptop it still has batteries and capacitors that store electricity and will not appreciate the water either way.

  14. The only thing holding be back from getting 5600 at this price is I'm worried I'll want the extra cores for OBS streaming and video rendering, maybe coding in the future. Should I be worried about the core count or should I save the 80 bucks?

  15. Probably the 5600 still. The performance in gaming is virtually identical and people have been saying to get 8 cores for future-proofing for near a decade now. Tempting but its basically 10% increased performance for like 60% increased cost.

  16. Could you see the cores being needed for something like OBS streaming? I want the option to stream and I'm not sure if 5700x is worth it.

  17. My thing with Tumblr is I never know what blogs to follow. I don't want to follow specific people, I want to follow specific communities/topics like subreddits.

  18. I've noticed search engines becoming less and less good, dead Internet theory is interesting and this seems to be down to auto generated sites in a feedback loop with algorithms. Things I used to be able to find are now difficult to get to, despite the pages still existing. Even YouTube videos are harder to get to with key words.

  19. Algorithms definitely play a part. I've read that it says 1mil+ results because it does know they are out there, but it only pulls up links it has on file and doesn't "waste" time and energy finding new ones. So you just get the ones that are used most and are cached.

  20. Back in '99 I could go to page 100,000; but these days we don't have the datapower or resources to search through more than the first 5 pages of the catalogue? While they're giving everyone gigabytes of free storage for personal emails they can search through..

  21. That's exactly why I put waste in quotes. They definitely could pull all the results but they just have to save those pennies.

  22. Lmao, heart goes out to those who are depressed and lactose intolerant

  23. Lactose intolerant and depressed checking in. Can confirm: it's not great, to say the least.

  24. Wow, this is exactly what I would comment.

  25. I learned this the hard way with LRC and CRO

  26. I would also like a link assuming there is one.

  27. How bad are these rulings? Are they "surprise and hiding are weird so they did something else" rulings or "fireball is a cantrip" rulings?

  28. Context is important for this. I like to imagine they're just trying to not be an annoying rules lawyer and say "um actually..." for a bunch of small things that don't affect much.

  29. Are they magnet based like the Bakugan used to be? Or do they open on nat 20?

  30. ...this is actually an interesting angle I haven't thought of before. But could Reddit change the amount of votes someone gets and thus control the amount of moons? Theoretically.

  31. This is a great question. Do down votes take away earnings? If they do then you're probably right that they could manipulate earnings.

  32. Well don’t I feel stupid. I thought it was the avatars that they are selling right now by going to My Profile > Avatars.

  33. Single-handedly keeping crypto redditors bullish and thriving through the bear market.

  34. A month ago I would have never bought a NFT, let alone a reddit NFT. Today I bought my first two NFTs, from reddit.

  35. I'm thinking I need to mine some usd

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