1. Pretty close, but no. That would have to go to Conker's Bad Fur Day.

  2. I just realized that you can now make all those Smash Alts in the third game

  3. Problem: I just got this tablet ( hand-me-down from my stepdad). After a bit, I got the tablet on and it connects to my PC via dongle. On the Wacom Center, it doesn't detect the tablet and when I touch and try to do light strokes with the pen on the tablet, the tablet doesn't do anything aside from flashing a blue light.

  4. Is Futures Connected even that good (Reason I asked for differences is because 3DS is cheaper)?

  5. This actually sums up how casual and hardcore gamers view the Bayonetta series (the gamers being the crow)

  6. Y,know that's a satire/deconstruction I haven't seen yet that we need.

  7. You have to be a nimrod to name your band something so bland.

  8. No problem, just figured I let you know before you turn into an American idiot and have a 21st century breakdown over it.

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