1. I wish a bought more at 0.05€

  2. Hey now, that's almost $5 you've made on that trade. Don't forget to put aside some of the gains for tax purposes though.

  3. This guy just posts stuff he's already seen on this sub, which makes posting his tweets here makes no sense. The definition of circle jerk.

  4. Doesn’t look like much but you’re seeing diamond hands before your eyes. My cost for these 6,800 shares is a little over 11,000$. But I have 17,000 more shares to add to the DRS pile. The gates are closing boys. Don’t delay any longer

  5. I was gonna make fun of you until I read that. You'll get your money back, and more, just keep holding!

  6. You could also choose to highlight the part where he says "under the right circumstances" and point out that the circumstances have certainly changed since then. Just saying.

  7. That is literally the fucking account interacting with Ryan. Not the other way around 🤦‍♂️

  8. It really isn't though, at all. I think you need to go do something else for a few hours. Something fun.

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