1. [Spoiler] If you played the Vikings potion of the campaign it's clear that the Kyoshin was designed after General Tozen the oroichi boss fight

  2. The fact I have no groceries and an empty stomach.

  3. It's in the context of the original meaning of queer which is: strange

  4. When I was young I had a friend who wasn't allowed to say the word "beep" because that's the sound they use to cover swearing on TV and it was therefore considered to be profanity too.

  5. I had a friend in school whose dad didn't approve of yawning in front of him. Very odd.

  6. Yeah but USA does it better. You don't see other countries chant their countries name.

  7. Zombies are possible and already exist in other animals however for it exist in humans it's different from the normal ideologies

  8. It's not just you I noticed it right away and I play on normal

  9. In the TV show Pair of kings they'd added a 3rd king and the show was shit afterwords

  10. When you're under 18 it's illegal to not go to school and it's fucking stupid

  11. Prostitution. I mean, sex therapy should be a thing… 🤷🏻‍♀️ and it’d be safer if it were somewhat regulated

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