1. Yes. His ass is pretty stank after all

  2. Zamasu immortality won't do him any good because he'd just revive to get beaten 1000000000 times over again, broly's ikari form is enough to do the job so he has plenty of stamina left over to kill zamasu 10000000000 times. even if zamasu decided to merge with the universe, broly broke reality itself in his fight with gogeta. and saiyans are known to negate haxs, if anyone says broly loses than i guess anyone without immortality also loses to meged zamasu (yes even beerus) if the poll was MUI goku vs merged zamasu the poll would be 90% goku wins.

  3. ...I mean....Zamasu became reality to the point Zen Oh had to delete the entire timeline from existence so probably not.

  4. broly breaking reality with gogeta looked more like warping into another reality oppossed to breaking it itself, cause they come back from the reality they were in back to earth with everything fine

  5. are they more physically active then you are? if so then thats probably why, you need to stretch and work your muscle fibers and cardiovascular system

  6. for my elementary school the girls had a choice to either do normal pushups or hold a plank.

  7. now those are some perfect team players, but for wally I would love to see more of barry mentoring wally and having some fun side adventures together so it makes sense he's occasional apperence

  8. yeah it's like they didn't know what to do with wally, in the beginning of season 4 they boot him off the show cause barry returns and he goes to joins the legends for a short time and then the actor just straight up dissappears from both shows. i wish they gave us a in universe explaination that wally was the flash in some other city, that way barry could always call him if he needed help

  9. their should be re-edits of every speedster villain with their proper lightning color in the finale

  10. I like to imagine he wants to keep training his body even while he's eating and theres no better way to workout the jaw muscles than to eat well done steak the more chewing you do the more strain you put on the jaw muscles. increasing room for growth

  11. wait can someone give me context? a bodybuilder model vs yujiro tiktok cosplayer

  12. Kills everyone. He jumps up, kicks back, whips around and spins, solos.

  13. she messed with the timeline. like wasn't there a whole rule back in season 1 a future varient should never come in contact with their past self. but nooo nora goes to her own baby shower and litterally touches her baby self

  14. Thanks! Is there a lore reason why she touches herself?

  15. planet vampa is said to be nearly inhospitable im guessing it's gravity is maybe x5 stronger than that of planet vegeta's if kid broly was able to live all his life there with little to no challenging training and be able to go up against gogeta ssjb put that into perspective, gohan meanwhile as a kid beat raditz and ragdolled perfect cell and now acheived beast form with little training that we know of

  16. in burma trying to earn the loyalty of local tribal leaders

  17. they didnt even think to play the villains' themes when they were all in the red room it would have been cool to at least here the themes for each villain as they got transported there

  18. i like how it opens up to reveal the old ring with the red background thats pretty cool

  19. also the king shark episodes from season 2 i can't remember the exact episode though, some of my favorite fillers

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