1. We love you friend, we all comrades in pain here.

  2. Well, u can always give Mastodon a go, there's a recently made instance called than might be of interest.

  3. It's so ironic that one of the things that keeps me going is knowing that sub is full of ppl sharing the exact same feelings and situations. I really wish you all the best.

  4. The beta only sadness depression vs the Chad rainbow colored depression.

  5. If this happens, maybe we can keep 3 shards for a while more lol.

  6. Maybe just improve the server tech and increase map limits?

  7. Well, it's a big investment for a change that might only last for an X amount of time as ppl would come, flood the servers, everything would be slow to they would leave and when the solution comes, it might be too late and ppl are gone.

  8. Btw, my friend Nox made the me version of this meme, so if you want it as well, you could prob ask him, it's not a comm but he's really nice so he might make it a comm:

  9. If I turn that card around it's going to turn out to be a coupon for a free ice cream that expired 7 years ago isn't it? 👀

  10. This is the artist, if case you are interested:

  11. I'm guessing it's not great, I had put my trust on the website.

  12. I see, I was a bit confused because I had my eye on the recommended High Refresh build, but a few days ago it changed, so I wasn't sure what to do or where else to get a decently priced build.

  13. I vote, I don't expect it to work or make me gain something, but I recognize that a straight up fascist would make a worse president than some centrist or similar. Voting is one every 4-5 years, so just go, vote, go home and have some soup. If u can it's nice to put propaganda on the places ppl go to vote, but don't beat yourself up about voting a lot.

  14. Fire is worse than gas howi and ontop of the reasons for gas arty beeing removed now has following problems:

  15. Last I stopped taking them for a bit I went into the worst weeks of my life lmao

  16. ¿En qué contexto esa señora se hizo famosa? Como para que haya nacido el meme.

  17. Si la memoria no me falla, es de cuando Piñera trato de hacer una reunión con adultos mayores comunes y corrientes pa hablar de cambios a las pensiones.

  18. Necesito ver ese video jajaja gracias por la aclaración.


  20. Pulso ciudadano con su asombrosa muestra de *mira el papel*...

  21. Lad, I will off myself faster if I get into crypto.

  22. Cause we have a weird obsession with bayonet charges.

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