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  1. Had the same issue and had to go into creative mode to get each Dino past as it… send a glitch report in so it maybe gets fixed

  2. wdym creative mode? did you just activate gcm and hop on each dino individually?

  3. thank you :) I'll try that in the morning

  4. Contact the school, explain what's going on, and see if they can do anything to help.

  5. yeah but the school or at least my year head and a few other teachers are aware of my situation. but i simply have to 'toughen up' and its annoying. people expect me to be able to just stop myself from stressing but it's not easy at all

  6. yup. during school last year my stress was at an all time high because of exams. talked to a teacher and my year head about my anxiety

  7. im going to my first therapy session in an hour and a half. im just stressed 💀

  8. I don't think you would call it a stereotype,

  9. omg 😭💀 im irish and ppl assume im drunk all the time

  10. no some ppl genuinely think that i am

  11. “Can I get sick from eating ass”

  12. The cornea of an eyeball, apparently...

  13. that's interesting......well thats not to hard to defend against, you got it easy lmfao

  14. thats really messed up, im a lesbian and people should be accepted regardless of the gender they are attracted to, people accepted me, they should have accept you as well

  15. Thank you very much for sharing that. This has really been hurting me and I haven’t allowed myself to think about it or talk about it with anyone. Hearing someone else express how something similar happened to them as well let’s me know that I’m at least not alone regarding my experience.

  16. im glad you were able to get it of your chest :)

  17. OMG THAT'S SO GOOD! (isnt his hair black tho)

  18. they give me weeping angles vibes

  19. Trust me, the Weeping Angels are MUCH more terrifying. They have the choice to feast upon the chronal energy via sending you back in time or just simply snapping your neck. This scene is tame compared to them.

  20. yes ik, I've watched all the weeping angels episodes and holy fuck they are scary😰

  21. Search in NexusMods, but the game dont have a lot of mods like the first game, at least that give a new experience.

  22. dude came on here just to say that....sad very sad

  23. idk if the on abt the blades on the odm gear or what?

  24. Reiner, bareboner how are you guys so good at this it's like you have had formor military training or smth

  25. of course who wouldn't watch the man who has life changing content 😎

  26. Or it was never a time loop situation, and just illustrates the concept eren said in 139 how he experienced time all at once, so his future and past blended together through paths

  27. ya maybe but at this point I'm just confused on the whole timeloop lmfao

  28. Idk maybe they will turn to pure titans but eren can't control them since he doesn't have royal blood

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