1. They could be sending a shipping label with a different adress than the one they input during the order. so when the item is "delivered", they'll claim to have never received it and reverb will side with them, as it was indeed delivered to a different adress.

  2. Thanks! Is there a way to see the address they input during the order, so that I can verify the label matches?

  3. Well it's for sure a knock off of a Ibanez JEM, so that could narrow it for research

  4. I have so many questions about that screenshot. How did those English speakers get into the test? There’s a TEST going on??? Why doesn’t the UI have Korean written all over it?

  5. Nah, those text were put in chat for the sake of the screenshot. it's so generic that i dont believe a real player would type that.

  6. Unscrewing the old pickup and cavity was more annoying than wiring the pickup, that's how easy it is to install them.

  7. It is, one of slaanesh's greatest champion was a sister superior before falling. Her name is Sabatiel iirc

  8. And now Ark of Omen confirmed Khorne corrupted sisters that were in the Quartus crusade fleet

  9. I wouldn’t consider this to be “cheap” as the parent comment states. These are excellent guitars. I’ve owned a few. I wish I still had them because the ones in good shape sell for over $1k

  10. It's not because they're excellent that they are not "cheap", my MIJ RR did a lot of bar concerts at my side and took beating like a champ, can't the same about more modern Jackson i owned.

  11. It's a cheap Jackson model, there's no reason for it to be a fake

  12. "Je me demande donc quelles sont les chances que ma demande aboutisse ?"

  13. Yup, this is 100% my theory as well (and makes a ton of sense from a marketing perspective)

  14. The dumbest argument ive heard against it was someone who tried to argue that game workshop wouldnt have the "plan" for the new edition years ago when the game started being made, so it was just a "coincidence"

  15. Look at ebay, you can see people are actually bidding for the T'au boarding patrol, they go all the way up to almost 300$

  16. That's their loss. Also I assume you mean USD because $300 AUS is basically RRP.

  17. Yes, USD, i roughly converted and rounded from Euro, since it's the currency ebay display for me

  18. I'd like some female space marines tho, not because i hate the sister of battle, it's my favorite faction

  19. You know the whole setting is fucked when the most popular overall faction [imperium of man] is a Nazi allegory

  20. And i'm pretty sure this is simply just because the Imperium is, first, the "selling face" of the franchise, but also it's likely the most popular because it's the human faction.

  21. anti-bullying culture and french school doesnt go well together.

  22. If you really got it in one tap, you should go play the lottery right now.

  23. Take the one you like the most, the model you mentionned are all great guitars

  24. Dunno how he'd feel about it, it's cool for sure, but personally i'd prefer to receive a unopened box so i can build them and paint them myself the way i like to do them.

  25. Tried to fill it, but when i was at the education part, as someone from Europe, it became way too annoying because of all the difference and what is what exactly

  26. Because all GW's art is exactly the same as the models, and in 10,000 years they couldn't possibly reforge something slightly. It's like 90% the same. It's a pretty safe bet that is the same piece.

  27. There is no way it's the same piece, it would change the whole scaling to a new level

  28. " iPhone me font de l'oeil vu la différence de prix avec la France "

  29. Miniature arent doritos, you dont need to dip them in the pot of paint.

  30. I am in the process of learning to adjust my amp for different sounds. It is a slow process but I am working at it.

  31. Not every amp is suited for metal tho. you need something with high gain for metal.

  32. Yep, I have both the 200 and 201 in my wish list and it is very nice to know they work well with smaller hands and are decent metal guitars. Plus I really like the looks of them. Thank you for you responses, they were very informative and I appreciate that.

  33. If you want a recommandation tho, i'd go for the 201, satin neck are way more comfortable than glossy neck.

  34. You should also know that the Arrow 200 have a glossy finish, while the Arrow Black Metal have a satin finish

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