1. You don’t need batteries if it’s connected directly to the Xbox Console (even though a USB hub). I’m guessing the USB-C sync cable needs replacing?

  2. Try turning the Controller on and Syncing it to the PC.

  3. A Screensaver that was a popular choice for Windows XP, I’ve seen it on Windows 7 too.

  4. Bacchus the God of Wine and Garlic Bread.

  5. I hope a 4th one comes out at somepoint, if only to jump to that duel in 1945.

  6. Unfortunately Video Game Emulation is in a Legal Gray Area; it’s kinda hard to say what you can or can’t do legally with Emulation.

  7. I love CEX but some of their prices particularly for stuff like this baffles me.

  8. Or even a New 3rd Party controller from PowerA or PDP, something like good quality.

  9. Just buy a PowerA or PDP controller from Amazon. PowerA is a great 3rd party controller, I use a PowerA controller on my Xbox Series S. Works great Wired or over Bluetooth. And they’re usually $26-$32 usd, Brand New.

  10. I would recommend trying out MelonDS for Android to emulate the NDS. It’s not gonna run well unless you have a 64-bit Android phone and hardware that is fairly newer (2021-2023)

  11. I’m surprised that it’s still running on Windows XP. I personally enjoy the Shorts myself.

  12. You’re better off getting Crunchyroll, Funimation is shutting down anyways.

  13. Canada, because at least I can read French.

  14. Because Funimation is starting to Shut down and they’re trying to get people to switch over to Crunchyroll.

  15. I actually subscribe to YouTube Premium for No Ads. It’s well worth the Price. I think this feature has been implemented to get people onto YouTube Premium? If you’re curious you could try your luck with Ad-Blocking browser extensions, but those don’t work with the App sadly. It’s possible that a mobile VPN may work as a Ad-Blocker? But, you’re better off Subscribing to YouTube as you can’t guarantee success with a VPN.

  16. I enjoyed Office 2003 Professional personally. I was use to it as it was the Office version that my High School used.

  17. Horizontally, but I have a Series S now.

  18. But, Ally doesn’t have a letter because they’re not officially part of the Community because they’re not really LGBTQA, etc. Ally people are technically Metrosexual. They’re Straight but embrace the Culture.

  19. I hate dealing with Such delivery drivers, I work in the Food Industry and no one is patient and understanding of the fact that everyplace everywhere is understaffed, thus a huge wait on every order.

  20. The Fable Series, great with Cloud Gaming with GamePass Ultimate. They have touch controls, so you can literally play Fable 3 on your iPhone if you want.

  21. An SVGA to HDMI adapter. Some TVs actually can support SVGA and PC audio input.

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