1. Hi Chris! Glad to hear you have lots of interests and are mostly doing well with your family.

  2. I think they are trying to make me worse with these meds. I would take them if I knew for sure they were safe

  3. Nobody is trying to make you worse, that's counterproductive. Your psych's job is to keep you out of the mental hospital.

  4. It’s the police and government who are in on this too. They want to make me feel so bad that I do sand things so they can arrest me and put me in jail forever

  5. I don't want this to come across as insensitive but that's just a delusion. The police and the government don't care. You would be put in a psych ward if you were arrested. I had this too so I get it, I didn't want to take my meds either. But since I just decided to let go and trust those around me I have never looked back and have never felt better. You will experience this if you start taking your meds. They'll make you feel better. Please trust. You're obviously not happy with the way things are now or you wouldn't be posting on here. Why not try it and see what happens? You've got nothing to lose. I wish you the best.

  6. I hear voices 24/7. There are about 8 of them, and one mimics my mother. The others are a mixture of Australian and Scottish (I am originally from Scotland and now live in Australia). They are very mean and negative and I just call them negative entities because it feels like they have attached themselves to me. I hear them externally, and sometimes they try to make themselves louder using white noise like my hairdryer. I used to experience visual and tactile hallucinations too, but the meds I am on now keep these under control.

  7. I just wanted to say that I feel for you. Psychosis is not fun. I hope that you get better.

  8. I've just started it and haven't noticed any side effects luckily, but I also haven't noticed a difference with my symptoms, they're just as bad as ever. I'm also on a 400mg depot of abilify. I wish you all the best and hope that you feel better soon, and that your side effects calm down. This illness sucks balls.

  9. Wow that's brilliant! I love the colours of the mountains

  10. Good for you! That's awesome! Welcome to the learning curve! It can be a long process but I'm glad you are here with me and others I'm sure.

  11. Thank you for your message! I am sorry about your Rosie, she sounds lovely! I will check out the Facebook page you recommended. :)

  12. I second All Bugs Go To Kevin. Antman’s Hill is another good one! They especially are all about no BS info in there (but still allow jokes!). Some good spider groups as well. And both celebrate people getting over their fears! One of the drivers of both groups…solid factual info so people can learn about everything! My favorite posts are the ones where people celebrate their wins over fears.

  13. I have taken up sketching again and listen to music, but I do get so bored

  14. I could feel things touching me... Like pokes and prods and energy. I also had audio and visual hallucinations. It's crazy shit

  15. I have seen geometric patterns and colours whilst meditating once, and I felt like I was spinning whilst I was sitting still and couldn't tell which direction I was facing. I have also seen a pale blue light glowing at my throat, which is interesting as that is the colour of your throat chakra.

  16. Hey I feel ya! I have become like a hermit since getting this illness. I can't work at the moment and I get so bored just sitting at home. I should volunteer to work somewhere but I don't have access to a car which makes it harder to motivate myself. I hope that you feel better soon!

  17. Oh that's brilliant! I love the colours you've used and the faces!

  18. Have you, uhm, already gotten one cut out? Cuz that sounds like a no no...

  19. Yeah I have. They give you a local anaesthetic so you don't feel it when they cut it out to put in another one. It's honestly not as bad as it sounds!

  20. I got the pills yesterday, just waiting for my last period to go through which is probably in 2 weeks cuz i got the speedrun cycle, currently almost done with my period and i hope i dare to sleep soon...

  21. Don't! You are loved and things WILL get better! DM me if you need anyone to chat to

  22. I feel you. It's horrible being abused 24/7 and you can't escape from it as it's in your own head. I'm here if you ever want to DM me and have a chat if it's getting particularly bad. It's hard to ignore the voices.

  23. I get them all day, every day, I wake up to hearing them discussing my dreams and fall asleep to them. I am on abilify and something else, the meds took away the visual and tactile hallucinations but only muffle the voices somewhat. They are mean, abusive and bullying so I've just had to learn to live with it. It does make falling asleep hard.

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