1. Yesterday at my woodsy home in Bennington Vermont, I could hear a turkey gobbling.

  2. All you have to do if you want to produce a film to demonstrate levitation is slow down the playback.

  3. Like Kleenex. But if I mention Kleenex, everyone knows I'm referring to facial tissue.

  4. What field are you in? Something similar happened to me - I verbally accepted an offer then got a significantly higher one a day or two later. It felt enormously shitty, but I rescinded the first one by saying basically what OP did: "I'm very sorry, and I'd like to take the job, but I got offered 35% more elsewhere." The first place didn't get mad, though I quite possibly burned the bridge. If you can afford to take that risk, consider steeling yourself and rescinding.

  5. Did you look up? Could be just a trunk with nothing up there, or a bunch of dead leaves. Can’t tell from this picture. If you hike around a lot and start noticing shelf fungi growing on upright trees, look up. Chances are it’s already dead.

  6. Enlarge the picture. It looks like Lion's Mane. Quite a few fungi grow on upright living trees. If a tree has fungi growing on it, it probably has a problem that will make itself known at some future point, but it doesn't have to be dead already to grow fungi. Dying, maybe. Invisibly dying, maybe. But not dead.

  7. So raw and powerful! Two things: "I know men are raped, too." So? That in no way diminishes or justifies what happened to you. You don't need to apologize for being a woman who was raped. No one ever needs to apologize to anyone for being raped. No one. Ever.

  8. I ordered the core product and received in less than a week. Looks good but I will confirm once I've sampled

  9. What is the core product? Can you confirm your experience?

  10. It encourages neurogenesis and other brainy things. And thanks, I'll check out those groups.

  11. Good for you and more so for your patients. It's distressing to see people commenting that sugar is fine and dandy. It is not. Keep teaching and preaching it doc!

  12. What do you consider a normal healthy diet? Healthy diets do not need to include sugar of any kind. In fact, it's best to avoid simple carbs altogether. Complex carbs are great--vegetables. Simple carbs cause you to store fat.

  13. Speaking from experience, as a woman's body works its way through peri-menopause and menopause, she may become forgetful and have trouble learning new procedural tasks. This is more likely the problem at her age.

  14. I'm better at it than most of them. Everyone is not your competition. Only those who are better at it than you are. Or, I grant you, more well connected.

  15. Picturing this, it's so funny. Straight out of a dark comedy.

  16. I know! It blows my mind. Between our film production name, the thumbnail, and even the first 5 minutes with creepy music and suspense… she had to be completely not be paying attention or out of the room.

  17. What helped for me was putting it away and then coming back to it three years later. I was able to read it as if it were written by someone else and view it 100% objectively. Through that I realised that it was surprisingly good, had real potential and the jokes were actually funny. An invaluable experience.

  18. This is an excellent strategy for me, as well. Highly recommend.

  19. I moved up here from Upstate South Carolina. One of the things we were really looking forward to upon returning to New England was good food.

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