1. With an army of Butterknights, there's no need beyond commanding a charge 🀣

  2. Its great! I think the base game feels kind of dated and meh (still a good enough time spent for the price) but!!!! It's mod scene is divine. Prophecy of Pendor. The LOTR mod. The Star Wars mod. Gekokujo has at hundreds of hours of my life too, easily my favorite~

  3. Nah bro, here in the Battanian Milltary of big rock fly into silly imperal line We call that a catapult

  4. Love me some Sturgian waifu, they got that good combat ability.

  5. I'm not entirely sure as I usually get my own kingdoms rolling off Rebellions. But lots of people say to get your relations up! That should get people to vote for you, also wouldn't be surprised if leading the siege that captured something helps.

  6. I have a deep hate because I love Battania and Sturgia and without fail, Vlandia runs em through and is in general a pain to deal with. Giant Noble Calvary charges are my Bane

  7. Personally I love Sturgian Spears + Battanian Wildlings with some Vlandian xbows to back it up. Sturgian spears are πŸ₯΅ and Wildings should tear up shields/calv. Xbows to counter archery and pepper people in general

  8. A very good intro to learning it all, grab a Lance, a fast horse and build a calvary. Enough shock calvary (Vlandian and Aserai are my go to) means that at worst, if your learning tactics goes poorly you can just command them to charge and do okay πŸ˜…

  9. Honestly you seem to be in an okay spot, you wanna make sure you've got a good governor lined up, I'd wait for a bit more cash (to pay troops, extra parties, build and to hire other lords). But otherwise if you have a full garrison and an army of elite troops, you're good to go!

  10. If ya wanna feel tanky? Turn player damage to 25% get some t5/6 armor, a shield on your back and pump atheltics/healing

  11. I’m planning to do an Aserai bandit run (my lastest run of Vlandia has finished) what should I really do? Any tips? Asking as this would be my first real bandit run

  12. For bandit runs if you're planning on like only using bandits, ya wanna get high Rougery and Leadership. You can "recruit" half decently by doing hideouts. Other wise bring along a mace πŸ‘ Other than that, never keep the higher tier bandits, always recruit as low as possible (other than the like once per hideout t5 bandits who yo6 can't upgrade into)

  13. Hella drip bro, though I'm personally a bigger fan of the cloth wrapped helm. So ill have to give it a 8/10

  14. How to play the Sareanids? Mass Mamaluke Army for all camapign map battles. The stuff you garrisons with a like 3 to 1 infantry/archer ratio Their archers are the deadliest behind Vegiers and their settlements are laid out in an easy to defend fashion. Avoid picking fights with the Rhodocks as everyone hates those damn spear wall/xbow formations

  15. There's a few ways to make armies, and how you plan to use it will affect what you put in it.

  16. Here's what I suggest honestly, is buy Warband. It's a much more "complete" and small scale product with a very deep mod pool I've personally put 1k hours into Warband between Vanilla and the various full game overhauls.

  17. I'll echo everyone else. The game is SO MUCH FUN, till it's not. There's a sharp turn of a corner where you're going from having a blast! Sieging, building an army, leveling finally getting a town or two, get married!

  18. I found Aserai to be such a vibe. While troop wise they feel really lacking.. their infantry are mid, archers are passable and calvary are outclassed... Something about their region and asthetic is just πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Really wish that they had heavy camel mamalukes 😫 would help make them feel unique and different

  19. Thought this was because if an army joins the siege, that them being an army superceedes you. Sad this is a bug tho 😫

  20. My buddy got me the Kiki Goldfish shirt when it came out. It fit well, was comfy and to this day holds up perfectly fine. Sorry to hear so many bad experiences 😨

  21. In my opinion it's the single most "worth" DLC, it adds so so much! So much run variety, ways to play and new things. The only downside is that it doesn't add a new ending, but it's not like that matters too much

  22. As all the comments have suggested, breach, siege and drop pod raids are there to break the monotony of kill boxes invalidating most raids. They're there to add interesting, engaging and different combat challenges. What you do to defend against them? Build periodical sandbag encampments, sally out to engage them, learn where it is that they breach through and set up traps/turrets. In my experience they'll find one spot that's fastest to breach through into your base and go there~

  23. In a world with drugs can regrow limbs, magic trees and sentiment, psionic robots. I imagine rimworld critter are kinda built different πŸ˜… Mechanical answer? Manhunting is kind of a misnomer, and just means will attack anything that isn't a wild animal. (Valid Targets being Mechs, your Colonists, your animals, roaming other humanoids and tamed animals). Late game packs can be incredibly terrifying but also an opportunity! I've wiped out giant mech clusters by redirecting manhunter packs!

  24. Free power is always baller. Never too dangerous.

  25. Bionic! Upgrades people, upgrades! Most bodily harm is whatever outside of death when you've got some tech done. What matters more is passions/traits

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