1. "Insolent shrivel of turd" is totally an insult I'm gonna use the next time I attend a Ren Faire

  2. Thanks, I did found these earlier, but like I said I didn't know where to start (especially which combos to start). Guess I'll just watch them in orders ?

  3. The first vid is combos, the second on is probably one of the best SFV Chun guides by MC-Mura. So if you want combos, check out the first and third. But if you want a full detailed guide for Chun including combos, check the guide.

  4. All hail your Broken-ass shield queen: Maple, as she sits on her new throne and laughs at us commoners.

  5. Hmmm, cause her non-loli form, she sounds different from “mature Tia Ballard” voice. Maybe that threw me off some.

  6. It’s honestly a bummer about LA, so many talented VA that I feel like I haven’t heard in anime roles in forever

  7. Yeah, it sucks that the only way we can hear LA (or more outside) talent now is if it's through reprisals, or if it's outsourced to like Sound Cadence or Studio Nano, or if it's one of their big blockbusting titles like One Piece, DBZ, MHA, or Chainsaw Man.

  8. Carol never fails to put a smile on my face. She's just too adorable. Even the way she explains math is adorable.

  9. Well Cammy is best girl but I think a certain someone on this subreddit will break through a wall and say that Chun-Li is best girl ._.

  10. I do think Chun-Li is Best Girl. but Chun's expression wearing the shirt is funny.

  11. I think some of us are lukewarm (no pun intended) with Luke. I know there are those who love him and those wwho hate him.

  12. Really enjoy this show. Saitou is just a normal guy who wants to help. I like hime. And Raelza is adorable.

  13. Any word on who Zoya's VA is? Her Japanese VA is Russian born currently living in Japan which is a combo I don't think i've ever seen.

  14. Welcome back Nagatoro and Senpai! These two are awesome. They're adorable. And Kimberley and Erik sound great together.

  15. It took us a full 25 eps to get here. But finally, we meet the big dog himself. Not sure if his VA has been confirmed yet. I think I'm hearing either John Gremillion, Jason Douglas, or Kenny James. I didn't know what to expect he'd sound like, since he was all but a mystery since ep 1. But I think he sounds exactly how Donovan is supposed to sound.

  16. The back half of S6’s mission is to put me in a state of despair and depression. I just know it.

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