1. My 6 year old is becoming legit good at Mario Kart. I can't wait to destroy his little ego by showing him how easy I've been going on him...

  2. I told him I'll race him with only using coins when he gets home from school. He told me that I'll "eat his dust".

  3. Seems insane to think there would ever be connections to small towns like Chillicothe or Athens.

  4. Considering that I know several people who already commute from Chillicothe, Athens, Zanesville, and Washington Courthouse every day for work, it's not crazy to think that those places would benefit tremendously from having passenger rail to Columbus proper, and that such lines would be used frequently.

  5. Yeah and as the area continues to grow it’s only going to become more and more difficult to commute from those areas. In a lot of cities a place like Zanesville would be a two hour commute but it’s only one hour right now. Having a train would be such a nice option, especially if it drops off downtown where all the offices are.

  6. Absolutely. Ideally these spurs would be tied into a light rail system around Columbus so that you could get from said downtown station to a New Albany or Hilliard via second line. Even regular bus or tram lines would be good.

  7. I never thought Id live to see the day when the faces of American nazism are a black guy and Mexican guy.

  8. To be fair, the cultural assimilation forces and melting pot factor are strong in the USA...

  9. That's a function of "at-large" voting statewide for Senators.

  10. Can confirm the #8 Sig sights work. I put a set of night sights on mine a few months ago.

  11. Here are some in stock for $47. They come into the states in batches currently. I usually grab two every couple of months when they come in.

  12. Meanwhile, if I was a criminal in upstate Michigan/New York, I'd be buying a CNC mill and a raft of 3D printers, and thanking the Canadian governmemt for the price support.

  13. The gun stores and pawn shops along the American coast of the Great Lakes are going to have a great summer with all the boat traffic. Not in direct sales to Canadians, but to those willing to straw purchase and sell in the middle of the lake.

  14. You basically just have to keep checking czechpoint and wait until they have some in stock. Atlantic sometimes gets them, but outside of those there's GunBroker and Armslist, maybe you'll get lucky there

  15. I love how his reaction is to just laugh and keep eating the food he paid for

  16. Similar to my attempts to convince myself to buy a 1911 in .45 ACP because I have some random ammo a friend gave me.

  17. I was gifted over 2000 rounds of 32ACP by my elderly neighbor. I've been enjoying

  18. At least you bought something useful. I watched The Patriot and bought one of

  19. I own the same, but because of Last of the Mohicans. Makes a great wall-hanger that we take to the range once per year for 4th of July.

  20. If anyone wants or needs assistance with the task of helping find which firearm may suit their needs, or assistance finding a reputable CCW class, or wants an introduction to basic firearms safety, please feel free to reach out. Even if you just want some cis-het passing person to come to the gun store with you, I can do that too.

  21. Let's be honest, they could use some fresh clientele. Not a ton of spring chickens in the joint.

  22. Starliner Diner, Honeydip Donuts in NW Columbus, and Three Brothers diner in Grove City.

  23. I would argue that this makes Paul Harrell the Captain Kangaroo of guns.

  24. Strange haircut, giant pockets, association with people named Joe... It all makes sense.

  25. That's awesome. I've been trying to keep my eyes open but I seem to keep missing the rare 81FS that comes up.

  26. I've had to go the custom kydex route for my Beretta 81BB. I am currently waiting on a customer leather shoulder holster as well.

  27. Hell, Philip Luty showed what can be done with a trip to the hardware store. Never forget that Shinzo Abe was killed by a homemade electric blunderbuss.

  28. “When deep space exploration ramps up, it'll be the corporations that name everything. The IBM Stellarsphere. Microsoft Galaxy. Planet Starbucks.”

  29. If you have not yet seen the pocket pistol series from Lucky Gunner on YouTube, I cannot recommend it enough. I started with a shrouded hammer revolver, and ended up with a Keltec P32 by the time I found what worked for an EDC system that I would actually carry.

  30. GI rigger's belt. $14 per from my local surplus shop.

  31. "federal property" does extend to the parking lot if it's part of their lease and not an otherwise public parking lot. When I worked in a federal facility as a contractor we couldn't even have one in the car in the parking lot and several people got their car searched and eventually fired for telling someone.

  32. Wait til you hear about guinea pigs and how tasty they are...

  33. A jacket in January is no jigsaw puzzle. Dress for the weather and enjoy the colder months!

  34. As a non native Ohioan it’s honestly sad how much people trash Ohio. Lot of people here don’t know how good they’ve got it.

  35. Yeah, I came here in 2009 and I'll never leave. This state has way more going for it than people will admit.

  36. must be a hyper-location specific thing, because in 20 years i've never heard of any grape pie.

  37. It's very much a local thing. I grow concord grapes in my yard just to make a couple every year. They are delicious.

  38. We are the eastern most city in the Midwest. Just listen to that hard nasally a sound

  39. You've never been to Oswego and it shows. The Great Lakes accent stretches all the way around the southern fringe of the lake.

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