1. Everyone on this subreddit thinks they’re eligible for HV battery replacement…

  2. I find these seats to be the best for my back as long as the lumbar support is all the way out.

  3. Mechanophilia is weird but to each their own I guess…

  4. Water and a microfibre. Don’t complicate things more than you have to

  5. It's all some people think about.. get out of your car, it will change your life.

  6. Hahah so simpo why didn’t I think of that! :P

  7. Lack of availability means you can sell this for what you paid.

  8. Yes, because you originally ordered a SR+ and now want a LR…

  9. And you look stupid AF here, so it’s a wash

  10. Doesn’t really matter if it’s never in stock

  11. I agree. If anything the age should increase not decrease!

  12. Yes, I drive around 35-40k a year. From LA to San Francisco. Hotel stays yada yada. At 120,000 miles. Tires are expensive. But charging is never been an issue and autopilot on freeways is a dream.

  13. In my ignorance, I don't know exactly how provincial police differ from RCMP police - what would the change entail exactly?

  14. I had a mobile Teck come out and do hard and soft reset. Still not working I haft to go in and have it fixed they say.

  15. Take it to the service center and let the techs fix it.

  16. I agree but I wonder how long it will take and will it be fixed

  17. Take it to a service center and you will find out.

  18. I don’t understand peoples obsession with one touch functionality. Even in the climate settings the seat warmers take two touches to activate. The glove box takes two touches. Like who TF cares.

  19. Took my brother in law on a recent road trip and he was trying to help me by finding a super charger…. Mind you, this is his first Tesla experience. He was pretty unimpressed due to this very issue. @Elon help.

  20. Go read update details. This is a resolved issue.

  21. This is so wild to me. Every owner I talk to at a chargers brings this up. It’s actually super embarrassing some of the simple things that Tesla can’t just get right that we know a programmer or engineer could solve in 30 minutes.

  22. I don’t know why your seats would look greasy or glossy unless you crush fried chicken in your car without napkins. This is a non-issue

  23. you're definitely right! I've just seen some older 3's and some S's and the steering wheels/seats look a bit shiny. wasnt sure if that just happens eventually or if some people do what you said ^ lol

  24. My guess is that they insisted on making things difficult for themselves by using interior detailing products not meant for vinyl seats. Nothing like using leather conditioner on plastic 😆

  25. This is so stupid it’s not even worth the time discussing

  26. Gen 2 doesn't have wifi so that won't matter.

  27. This is the correct answer. We can lock the thread now

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