1. being at original employer and getting almost 100% pay rise in 5y is pretty good.

  2. Agreed, I was going to leave but was offered a promotion, which stopped me from doing so. Similar pay as other companies in South Wales, so no reason to leave yet. Originally I negotiated 52k, but have recently been given a further increase due to a pay review in my business unit.

  3. Most people who post will have had a bad experience, so the data is skewed

  4. Yes, to an extent, but you also need opportunities from your employer to grow. So that you have both the theory and the practice.

  5. Sounds like your senior has instilled some good practices in you based on their feedback. And that's how you improve, by asking for feedback. My only other advice is to think beyond the problem or task at hand to understand the full context of each situation. You will pick up a lot of knowledge this way, at the cost of tasks taking a bit longer to begin with.

  6. It could be many things. Bad spark generator, bad spark ignitor, bad flame control electrode, bad gas valve, bad PCB, broken wires, electrical short, bad gas pressure, blocked condensate pipe. As I understand it, F28 simply means it can't fire up.

  7. 😳 I was hopping initially it would just be a frozen condensate pipe that I could just pour water over until I realised it was all internal and it connects to the bath waste pipe and doesn’t go out side. Now it seems like it could be lots of potential issues

  8. I asked the bloke we had in to fix ours (different boiler but same problem). He said it's usually a degregated electrical wire, bad spark ignitor or bad flame control electrode. In our case however it was a bad spark generator.

  9. If there are no road markings, then nobody has priority and you should merge in turn

  10. Not by choice (boiler is broken), our house is currently at around 10/11 degrees. We run an oil filled heater in our bedroom for a couple of hours before bed, which we then turn off after lights out. We wear slipper socks, dressing gowns and long pyjamas in bed.

  11. I've you've given him plenty of time on his own to come up with solutions, he hasn't taken your advice on board and still doesn't show much initiative, I'd say it's time to talk to his manager to see if there's anything else at play. If not, time for a performance improvement plan.

  12. Yes, posh. Pizza is to be eaten with your hands.

  13. I was given the senior title after 3 years exp. Many people left the team and I picked up a lot of extra work. On a day to day I would flex between writing software, mentoring others, working as a PO, having meetings with stakeholders, acting as our scrum master, planning and architecting new features, dealing with security and privacy compliance and producing reports. I'd like to say I proved myself to be valuable and therefore received my promotion.

  14. I can't speak for BT or broadband, but with Plusnet mobile I used to ring whenever a sale was on or every 3 months and was always given the same price as a new customer.

  15. You can drive, you're just being stopped by mental blockers. You need a more considerate instructor, and if you feel the causes of your issues relate to other mental issues, seek help for those.

  16. Mate if you feel betrayed, our funding for 9 new devs was given but then taken away a few weeks later. We had to rush to learn "how to hire people", sorted that, sorted our technical assessments, interview questions, candidate tracker, etc. We managed to hire 1 dev before funding was taken away. I can completely empathise with you pal.

  17. It depends. If you've barely done any CS before, or fresh out of college, there should ideally be a supportive framework around you. That might just mean being given a buddy for a while, or other people on the team being more considerate and assigning you to tickets they feel will help you. You should feel challenged but not overwhelmed - if you feel overwhelmed, tell your colleagues.

  18. There's a Harvester not far, or there's a fish and chip shop in Llanedeyrn. Anything else will involve walking through rough areas. Takeaway delivery could be an option?

  19. Yes, otherwise you'll get a minor for normal driving position. Keep doing it and it'll become a serious.

  20. I usually tell my manager I've had a shit day, he says he's had a shit day too, then we both knuckle down and crack on with our work. I tell everyone I work with usually the honest truth about my work, feelings and thoughts. I think it promotes empathy and transparency which is a huge part of any job.

  21. On my Fiesta its a piece of cake, bought a new bulb from EuroCarParts and installed it in the car park. Too about 5 minutes.

  22. My scirocco is similar for the high beam, low beam requires you to have bendy arms so it’s easier to take the headlight out entirely, which isn’t complicated luckily

  23. Yep I always the headlight unit out, makes it a lot easier.

  24. If you find a substantially cheaper package over, say, 18 months (Plusnet?) it may work out cheaper to run it for 12 months and then pay the termination charges for the remaining 6 months.

  25. The other driver, you obviously noticed the car before it entered your lane so you did a good job.

  26. I've only seen two reasons for failing a ticket. Either the ticket leads to a very deep rabbit hole and we give up due to effort vs reward, or the individual working on the ticket hadn't asked for enough help, or the direction/approach the individual went in was fundamentally wrong (like trying to push a square shape through a circular hole).

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